10. Adam Vikström

22, CEO and co-founder, Deligate AB

Established in 2016, Adam Vikström’s startup Deligate moved rapidly to cement the young entrepreneur’s reputation as a powerful force in sustainability. Since inception, the firm has seen 150 food stores in Sweden and Norway sign up to use its digital application that helps prevent food waste. Vikström and two of his co-founders are alumni of ICA, a leading Swedish food retailer, and were intimately familiar with the challenges of managing fresh produce. The software developed by the young firm flags food that is approaching its use-by date, allowing grocers to ensure that fresh produce is always in stock, reduce food waste, and minimize extra working hours and paperwork.

The ambitious young sustainability crusader is looking to push the envelope for the company and plans to expand the customer base to 5,000 outlets. After re-investing revenues to fund growth, in 2017 the firm received an injection of capital totaling roughly EUR 75,000 from Håkan Svanberg, a well-known Swedish IT entrepreneur, to help finance expansion.

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