Hans-Peter Siefen

Co-Founder & CEO
+358 20 775 1390 (switchboard)

Jyri Lindén

Co-Founder, Member of the Board
+358 44 570 5411


Maria Krajewska-Olkkonen

Chief Operating Officer
+358 400 908 838

Priit Liiv

Partner, Baltic Area Manager
+372 56 577 902

Ludmila Zubova

Russian Country Manager
+7 (931) 225 37 93

Ville Saarikalle

Partner, Speaker Relations
+358 40 962 5521

Juha Lehto

Partner, Event’s Technical Production
+358 44 526 4357

Tuomas Liisanantti

Head of Marketing
+358 50 544 8734

Anniina Turunen

Head of Communications & PR
+358 50 563 6025

Salla Seppä

Head of Customer Experience
+358 50 480 1055

Jenni Räihä

Head of Customer Service
+358 45 135 7506

Marjo Hiekkala

Customer Service Officer
+358 40 734 5957

Tommi Hynynen

Designer and Developer
+358 45 124 5365

Heli Hänninen

Communications Assistant
+358 44 3400 050

Miro Malmelin

Chief Sales Officer
+358 40 352 1248

Topi Saukkonen

Sales Professional
+358 46 600 2777

Simo-Pekka Lehtonen

Sales Professional
+358 45 174 0360

Janne Kangas

Sales Professional
+358 50 467 4929

Andreas Wilhelmsson

Sales Professional
+46 76026 2900

Mohsen Askari

Sales Professional
+46 70 7817 828

Tayseer Barakat

Sales Professional

Ahmad Barakat

Sales Professional

Board of Directors

Petteri Kilpinen

Chairman of the Board

Petteri Kilpinen is CEO at Rainmaker Group Ltd. He is the former CEO of GTW Group and the Chairman of the Board of the advertising agency TBWA\Helsinki and a member of the company’s executive group and Senior Innovation director in TBWA Europe.

Alf Rehn

Member of the Board

Alf Rehn is a management professor in Åbo Akademi. In 2009 and 2011 Rehn was listed on the international Thinkers 50 Guru Radar becoming the only Finn ever included on the list. Rehn is one of most requested Finnish lecturers.

Mikko Hyppönen

Member of the Board

Mikko Hyppönen is the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure. Hyppönen was selected among the 50 most important people on the web by the PC World magazine and was included in the FP Global 100 Thinkers list. He also sits in the advisory boards of T2 and The Lifeboat Foundation.

Jessica Jackley

Member of the Board

Jessica Jackley is a founder of Kiva and the author of the book Clay Water Brick. She currently teaches at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. She is also an investor with the Collaborative Fund and she serves as an active advisor and board member on several organizations championing women, microfinance, tech, and the arts.

Jyri Lindén

Member of the Board

Jyri Lindén is Nordic Business Forum co-founder and a major owner together with the CEO Hans-Peter Siefen.

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