Jitske Kramer

Building Your Corporate Tribe for a New Era

Jitske Kramer


Jitske Kramer, MA (born 1973) is a corporate anthropologist and inspiring female speaker. She is also an entrepreneur, facilitator and founder of HumanDimensions. In 2013 Jitske was chosen as Trainer of the Year. She is also known for being the author of Deep Democracy – de wijsheid van de minderheid, Jam Cultures – over inclusie, macht en verschil, Wow! Wat een verschil, Normaal is anders!, and Voodoo – op reis naar jezelf via eeuwenoude rituelen and the instant bestseller Werk heeft het gebouw verlaten. Co-author of The Corporate Tribe (2016 Management Book of the Year) and Building Tribes.

Jitske Kramer studied cultural anthropology and was trained as an ethnographer. She specialized in theater as an educational medium in Uganda. Back in the Netherlands, she started her career as a trainer/consultant with Boertien Training working in the field of communication and leadership development, developing her skills in psychodrama and voice dialogue. She has trained hundreds of people in all kinds of functional roles, in all kinds of sectors, with a specific focus on international cooperation. She managed the Bridging Cultures group of experts which focuses on intercultural skills and global leadership. In 2006, Jitske started to work for herself under the name of HumanDimensions, with clients both at home and abroad.

In her first book Normaal is Anders, Jitske outlines her vision on leadership in intercultural teams. Important focus areas are the dynamics of difference, in misunderstandings, differing perspectives and power struggles. This story takes her from London to Dubai to Jakarta. In addition to keynotes and master classes, she also supervises international teams. She also works as a consultant for organization development in factories in India and Germany.

As a speaker, Jitske Kramer’s stories take you on an exciting journey into human issues and solutions. To see what is really going on. With an eye for differences and similarities. Looking at things from a distinctive perspective. Without the autopilot. Daring to go off the beaten path. About dialogue, decision-making, power, inclusion, leadership, organization culture, change, sabotage and ranking. About sales, multidisciplinary teams, safety and international cooperation. Challenge the obvious. And ask questions. Every day. Beyond the concept of us/them. About connecting differences and saying a proper goodbye when necessary. Essential knowledge for effective cooperation, decision-making methods and collective change.