Option 1: Watching the Live Stream

No broadcasts are currently available.

Our qualifying rounds are available to watch for free, and if you’d like to participate in the evaluation process, you’ll have to register your email address with us ahead of the start of each qualifier. If you’d like to just watch the qualifying round and not participate, you can follow along on our Facebook page, where the qualifiers will be live streamed simultaneously.

The final round of our 2019 Speaker Contest is a paid event broadcast that is accessible with ourĀ live stream season passes, available for individuals and/or communities. If you would like to watch the final round and vote on the winner of the Speaker Contest, you can purchase access today!

Option 2: Request an Invitation

Want to attend one of our Speaker Contest events as part of our live audience? They are invite-only events, but we will consider serious requests on a rolling basis.

Request an invitation to attend our 2019 Speaker Contest final on May 23rd in Helsinki AirportYou can apply using this form.

If you’re invited to attend in person, you’ll have access to the speaking contest session, as well as exclusive networking with light refreshments.

Feel free to contact us at info@nbforum.com for further information.