What is the Speaker Contest?

Our Speaker Contest (formerly the Speaker Sourcing Contest) is a relatively new event, with the first of its kind being held in 2018. Over 170 people applied to our inaugural contest, 24 people were selected to attend our live qualifying rounds, and one winner was selected by a jury of audience members and Nordic Business Forum representatives to join the speaker lineup at Nordic Business Forum 2018. James Hewitt was our winner and he was paid a 30,000 € speaking fee.

Some of the videos of our past speakers are available to watch on our YouTube page. You can also read the written recap from our Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo qualifying rounds, as well as the Stockholm final round in 2018.

Important Dates

These are the important dates that you need to put in your calendar now to make sure you can participate in the 2019 Speaker Contest.

The deadline to submit your application for the contes is 31 January 2019 at 23:59.

We have three qualifying rounds from which applicants can choose. Two contestants from each qualifying round will be selected by the jury to progress to the final round of the contest. When submitting your application, you can pick any or all of the following dates:

All times are local to the city in which the qualifying round takes place.

Please note: Nordic Business Forum will not cover your transportation to and from the qualifying rounds. A travel stipend will be provided only to the 6 contestants that proceed to the final round.

General Information

General applicants

Nordic Business Forum will not cover your travel to the qualifying rounds. If you are selected from the open applications for our qualifying rounds, you will need to plan for your own travel and accommodation to and from the qualifying round. If you are selected for a qualifying round, you will be invited to a virtual coaching session for your presentation, courtesy of our partner MySpeaker.

Our contest rules are quite simple: stay on topic, stay professional, and stay kind. We aim to create an encouraging and positive experience for everyone involved at each stage of the contest, and we are supportive of all participants from all backgrounds.

Final-round contestants

You will receive a travel stipend from Nordic Business Forum as well as an online coaching session with one of our board members. The coaching session is meant to give you individual feedback and suggestions for improvement ahead of the final round to help you up your game. If you are selected for our final round, one of our team members will be in touch with you to arrange this session.

Live stream viewers

Though our audience for the Speaker Contest is by invitation only, you are able to participate in the voting process with our live stream service.

You do not need to sign up for anything ahead of time to be able to watch the broadcast of each event. Just make sure that you are ready at the right time and click on the “Watch” section of our website (or find it on our Facebook page). You will be directed to the live stream viewer, which will be available on the day of each event. Make sure you tune in earlier rather than later because you will be presented with a link on screen at the beginning of the program to register to vote and, after the final speaker, you will receive the online evaluation form. Only viewers who have seen that link (and all the speeches) will be able to participate in the voting process. Make sure that you have a stable and strong internet connection and, if you’re watching on a device, that you can easily navigate to the link shown on screen – preferably on a different device.

For more information, please contact sc@nbforum.com.