Could You be Our Next Speaker?

Our contest rules are quite simple: stay on topic, stay professional, and stay kind. We aim to create an encouraging and positive experience for everyone involved at each stage of the contest, and we are supportive of all participants from all backgrounds.

Please note: we will not cover your travel to the qualifying rounds. If you are selected from the open applications for our qualifying rounds, you will need to plan for your own travel and accommodation to and from the qualifying round.

For more information, please contact

How to Apply


Find your idea. Take some time to identify the idea that you want to use as the foundation of your presentation. Try to make it something that would resonate with a Nordic audience. Ideally, it’s a topic in which you are an expert so you can talk about it with confidence.


Write down your pitch. Use your storytelling skills to walk us through how you plan to convey your idea to the world. What inspired this idea? How does it connect to your profession? Is this a passion project? Outline the concept and your presentation from start to finish. (Remember, the language is English!)


Film it! Record a short (1-4 minute) preview of your talk. Speak in English, try to relax, and show us your presentation style. Keep in mind that the length of your actual presentation should be 12 minutes in the qualifying round and 15 minutes in the final. Use this video to support your written application.


Upload your video and fill in your application. Enter your details, copy over your written summary and video URL ready, and select your preferred qualifier location.


Hit submit and wait for the confirmation email! We will be in touch with all the candidates within three weeks of the application deadline. The application deadline is on 14th of February 2020.


  • Please enter a country code followed by your number.
  • Make sure to include the full URL (with https://)
  • Explain your presentation in 30-240 seconds and upload the video to YouTube, Dropbox, or another platform to submit it here. Make sure to include the full URL (with https://)
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