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About the issue

Nordic Business Forum 2015 gathered over 5,500 business owners and executives to the Exhibition & Convention Center in Helsinki. In addition to the attendees on the spot, there were also thousands of people watching the seminar through live stream.

The main theme of Nordic Business Forum 2015 was Impact. Sub-topics included Strategy, Disruption, and Influence.

2015 Speakers


John C. Maxwell


Arianna Huffington


Nilofer Merchant


Guy Kawasaki


Simon Sinek

Mette Lykke

Mette Lykke


Keith J. Cunningham


Garry Kasparov

Full list of contents
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4Who got the best review of the NBForum 2015 speakers?The rating is based on 1,850 answers

5Good Leaders Ask Great QuestionsJOHN C. MAXWELL

6Great Leaders Never Walk AloneJOHN C. MAXWELL

7The Brave New World of the “New Media”ARIANNA HUFFINGTON

8Success Formula for Leading in the Social EraNILOFER MERCHANT

9The Art of DisruptionThe Art of Disruption

10A Seasonal Shift in HistoryGARRY KASPAROV

11Leaders Eat LastSIMON SINEK

12Disruption, Passion and RiskMETTE LYKKE

13The Drivers of PerformanceKEITH CUNNINGHAM

14Taking Risks Pays OfGARRY KASPAROV