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Daniel Kahneman: Noise – the Flaw in Human Judgment

On 21 September, our friends at DenkProducties organized a hybrid masterclass with the iconic psychologist Daniel Kahneman. During the course, we dove deeper into the concept of noise. What is it? Why should we care about it? And maybe most […]

Daniel Kahneman - tips to improve your thinking

4+1 Ideas from Daniel Kahneman to Improve Your Decision-Making

What are the cognitive biases that affect our thinking? How can you become more aware of your automatic thoughts and make better decisions? Daniel Kahneman is an iconic psychologist and a co-recipient of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002 […]


Culture as a Strategy for Growth by Annicken Day (Webinar Summary)

On 26 August, our webinar series featured Annicken Day, the founder, CEO, and culture strategist at Corporate Spring. Together with Oslo Business Forum and Dfind, we sat down to discuss the topic of cultivating organizational culture to a strategy for […]

Executive Summary Sweden & Norway 2019

Event Summaries

Ideas are the most valuable thing you can get from an event. That is why we have wanted to store a compilation of the great ideas and quotes our speakers have shared over the years.

Our Event Summaries take you through Nordic Business Forum conferences. See who we have had speaking and what have been the hottest topics. And most of all, keep an eye on the ideas that help you reach the next level.

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