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Be:Change – Why is it such a relevant topic?

The past few years have been nothing but a series of unprecedented circumstances and one crisis after another. The whole world has been through a turmoil of changes, and people have to keep adapting to change after change.  The current […]


Top Trends in Technology for 2023 – Amy Webb (Webinar Summary)

Yesterday, together with Deloitte and Oslo Business Forum, we organized a webinar with futurist Amy Webb. Amy is the CEO of Future Today Institute, a management consulting firm that does long-range scenario planning. A large part of her work is […]

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Ticket Prices for NBForum 2023 Go Up this Week!

On the 27th and 28th of September, we will be back in Helsinki for Nordic Business Forum 2023! This autumn, 7,000 business executives and owners will join us to learn and network around the theme of creating change. We will […]


Leader’s Digest | January 2023

In this Leader’s Digest Newsletter, we cover some of the trending topics of 2023. Change, technology, investments, management trends, and more of what we can expect from the upcoming year in leadership and business. Top Content Picks 💎 PDF: Learn […]

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Attitudes Toward Change – Survey Results

As the world is changing rapidly, businesses and employees are left to try and keep up and adapt. Navigating new technologies and crisis after crisis, it seems that the only constant these days is change.  We were curious about how […]

Executive Summary Sweden & Norway 2019

Event Summaries

Ideas are the most valuable thing you can get from an event. That is why we have wanted to store a compilation of the great ideas and quotes our speakers have shared over the years.

Our Event Summaries take you through Nordic Business Forum conferences. See who we have had speaking and what have been the hottest topics. And most of all, keep an eye on the ideas that help you reach the next level.

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