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Leader’s Digest | June 2022

This time our Leader’s Digest newsletter gives you ideas on organizational development from many fronts. We tackle the topics of psychological safety, culture of connection, performance management, and more. Top Content Picks 💎 Blog + Webinar Recording: “Whatever form of excellence […]


Psychological Safety with Amy Edmondson (Webinar Summary)

On 13th of June, we got together with our friends at Oslo Business Forum, Amsterdam Business Forum, and Randstad Norway to talk about psychological safety. During the webinar, Amy Edmondson, the world’s #1 management thinker and Harvard Professor, explained how […]


How To Succeed Taking the Bridge of Joy (Webinar Summary)

At our webinar on the 8th of June, Iza Sia Login, CEO of Reemina Academy and co-founder of the tech unicorn Outfit7, and Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer at GoogleX, explained how raising joy across the entire company is […]

Executive Summary Sweden & Norway 2019

Event Summaries

Ideas are the most valuable thing you can get from an event. That is why we have wanted to store a compilation of the great ideas and quotes our speakers have shared over the years.

Our Event Summaries take you through Nordic Business Forum conferences. See who we have had speaking and what have been the hottest topics. And most of all, keep an eye on the ideas that help you reach the next level.

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