27-28 September 2023 - Messukeskus Helsinki, Finland

Nordic Business Forum 2023

Over the course of 2 days, our world-class business conference gathers 7,000+ business leaders from over 50 countries. Join us to step up your leadership game, network with other C-level professionals, and experience an event that you will remember!

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The current Early Bird Pricing is available until 27.01.2023

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How to Build High-Performing Teams

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The Speaker Contest Is Back!

Together with Business Forum Group, we're hosting our annual Speaker Contest in which we hope to discover new ingenious talent, original concepts, and thought-provoking perspectives from professionals and first-timers alike.

​​The winner of the contest gets to give a keynote to thousands of business leaders at Nordic Business Forum 2023, Oslo Business Forum 2023, and Amsterdam Business Forum 2023, and receives a 50,000€ speaker fee.

Over the course of the contest, we will pick 24 contestants to speak online at 4 semifinals. One person from each semifinal will continue to the final. Additionally, our jury will pick a runner-up to compete at the final after the semifinals have finished. From those 5 finalists, our jury will pick the winner.

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Be Change Blog

Be:Change – Why is it such a relevant topic?

The past few years have been nothing but a series of unprecedented circumstances and one crisis after another. The whole world has been through a turmoil of changes, and people have to keep adapting to change after change.  The current

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Ticket Prices for NBForum 2023 Go Up this Week!

On the 27th and 28th of September, we will be back in Helsinki for Nordic Business Forum 2023! This autumn, 7,000 business executives and owners will join us to learn and network around the theme of creating change. We will

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Leader’s Digest | January 2023

In this Leader’s Digest Newsletter, we cover some of the trending topics of 2023. Change, technology, investments, management trends, and more of what we can expect from the upcoming year in leadership and business. Top Content Picks 💎 PDF: Learn

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Silhouettes of employees

Attitudes Toward Change – Survey Results

As the world is changing rapidly, businesses and employees are left to try and keep up and adapt. Navigating new technologies and crisis after crisis, it seems that the only constant these days is change.  We were curious about how

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quiet quitting

Exceeding expectations in a way that makes sense

One of the emerging megatrends of 2023 is, without a doubt, quiet quitting – the phenomenon where employees go about their daily tasks with minimum effort, with no intention to put in any extra effort to enable, for example, a

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Last Month Today

Last Month Today – December 2022 in review

J.P. Morgan’s forecast for global economic growth Against the historic volatility of 2020 and 2021 — which saw the deepest global downturn on record, followed by the strongest rebound — 2022 growth outcomes were far more stable. But this year

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In memory of bad publicity

For marketers, Christmas may have arrived ahead of schedule in the form of the soccer World Cup. What’s even better, it looks like Santa is slacking off a bit when it comes to determining who is naughty and who is

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