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What does it take to accomplish the impossible? What does it take to shatter our limitations, exceed our expectations, and turn our biggest dreams into our most recent achievements?

During this webinar, bestselling author and peak performance expert Steven Kotler decodes the secrets of those elite performers—athletes, artists, scientists, CEOs, and more. If you want to aim high, here is the playbook and how-to manual to make it happen!

Virtual Masterclass with Daniel Kahneman

A two-hour working session on 21 September 2021

On 21 September, the iconic psychologist will share an intensive lesson on critical thinking. Kahneman, a Nobel Prize winner, will elaborate the key ideas from his new book Noise – A Flaw in Human Judgement.

Nordic Business Forum 2021

Hybrid event on 29-30 September 2021 in Helsinki

The 2-day event gathers 7,500+ business leaders from 50+ countries around a given theme. If you wish to learn from 14 world-class speakers, network with other attendees, and experience our event at its finest, this is the place to be!

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What if there was a way for all your employees to experience Nordic Business Forum?

We are taking our live streaming experience to a totally new level by adding a possibility to remotely stream our events to your employees or members. Thanks to this new solution, you will be able to embed our live stream player to your internal website. You only need a password-protected website for your organization to be able to embed the player. Try it today!


We’re on a Mission to Build Leaders Who Change the World

We organize events and courses that inspire business leaders towards better leadership. And we’ve been at it for over 10 years!

What makes our events so exceptional is the unique combination of knowledge, people, and experience. At our conferences, the world’s best business experts help you take your leadership skills and business to a new level. Through our community of international leaders, you can find new connections and widen your network. We wrap the learning and networking into an extraordinary experience in order to inspire and empower you to change the world.

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Top 5 Leadership Trends for 2021

What does 2021 look like in the field of leadership? And how can you and your business harness the trends into values and practices that can transform your company to be resilient and thriving?

If you were to ask anyone to describe the current business landscape and workforce, some of the words that might come up would be uncertain, unpredictable, ever-changing, dynamic, diverse, and digital. But the question is: how do these words translate into the world of leadership?

The CEO of Oslo Business Forum, Christoffer Omberg, and the CEO of Nordic Business Forum, Aslak de Silva, sat down to discuss what they see are the trends in leadership for the year 2021. Based on that discussion we have gathered the top 5 leadership focuses for 2021 that we believe will set you up for success.

Blog News

Nassim Taleb Joins the NBForum Helsinki 2021 Lineup

Nassim Taleb, the author of Black Swan and Skin in the Game, will join the Nordic Business Forum 2021 event organized in Helsinki on 29-30 September. At the event, Taleb will share his insights on how to deal with uncertainty. […]

Blog News

Brian Halligan Unable to Attend NBForum 2021

We regret to inform you that Brian Halligan is unable to attend our main event in Helsinki in September 2021. In March, HubSpot CEO, Brian Halligan was injured in a snowmobile accident and will need to take some time off […]


Amy Edmondson – The Science of Intelligent Failure

On 1 June, our friends at DenkProducties organized a virtual masterclass with Harvard professor Amy Edmondson. The half-day course focused on providing insights on how to enhance psychological safety in organizations. A crucial part of creating psychological safety is failing […]


Brian Halligan – What Will the New Normal Look Like?

“You want to make your culture into a magnet that pulls great employees in and retains them over time as the competition for those great employees is going to go through the roof.” At our online event in September 2020, […]

The death of a used car salesman

Exclusive NBR Interview: In their quest to find ways to thrive, far too few organizations are paying attention to interpersonal influence as a tool to bring people together and get things done.  Thinking about influence, two types of people typically […]