Strategic Work in a Turbulent Geopolitical Landscape

Free Webinar on 28 April 2022 - 13:00 - 14:00 (UTC+3)


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused above all dreadful loss, grief, anxiety, and fear. It has also drastically changed the geopolitical landscape we operate in as businesses. So, how can you navigate your business strategy now?

We’ll try to find that out at our next live webinar as we sit down with the economist and author, Kjell A Nordström.

In this session you will learn:

  • What are the emerging risks you need to be aware of?
  • How you can navigate in the current geopolitical landscape?
  • How can you work strategically in a fast-changing environment?
  • How can boards play a vital role in building a culture for cyber security?

Additionally, the Managing Director of Admincontrol, Møyfrid Øygard, will share her thoughts on how boards to a greater extent need to relate to cyber threats and ethics in today’s world, to be able to make smart decisions.

Kjell Nordström

Economist, Writer, and Public Speaker

Møyfrid Øygard

Møyfrid Øygard

Managing Director, Admincontrol

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