What Would You Ask Vijay Govindarajan?

Vijay Govindarajan, the world’s leading strategy expert will have his own “Ask Vijay” column in the upcoming print edition of Nordic Business Report. Let us know what you would like to ask Vijay!

If you are looking for the guy who would help you in strategy related issues, go with Vijay Govindarajan. The article about reverse innovation he wrote with GE´s CEO Jeff Immelt burst with so much excitement that Harvard Business Review rated the concept of the article as one of the ten big ideas of the decade. On the list of the world´s top business thinkers, The Thinkers 50, Govindarajan is number 5. VG, as he likes to be called, has challenged the strategic thinking of the world´s top executives and his customers.

Now the readers of Nordic Business Report have a unique chance to ask strategy-related questions from VG. So if there is something in the field of strategy you are wondering about, now is your chance to get the answer from the world’s leading expert! You can send your question by leaving a comment on this post or you can send it via email at info@nbeport.com.

The editorial staff will pick 4-6 questions to be sent to Vijay Govindarajan. VG’s answers will be published in Nordic Business Report magazine in August 2015.

Vijay Govindarajan is an Indian Professor of International Business at Dartmouth College. He has become widely regarded as one of the world´s leading experts on business strategy and innovation. He was one of the keynote speakers at Nordic Business Forum 2013.


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