What Inspired Us This Week?

Quality Content through Boss Level Podcast.

This week our points go to Boss Level Podcast. Boss Level is a newcomer to the podcasting scene, yet the quality of the podcast and the level of guests make it a tough contender to other business podcasts.

Season one of Boss Level started in September 2015 and the guest list ranged from international business experts to more local business figures including Spotify’s VP of Operations Simon Marcus, Nilofer Merchant whom you may know from our NBForum2015 and Bootcamp for Business Growth, and Mikko Hyppönen, the Chief Research Officer at F-Secure, just to name a few.

Boss Level’s second season kicked off a few weeks ago with Linda Liukas, author of Hello Ruby. A new episode comes out every two weeks and the second episode with Jari Sarasvuo, the founder, chief owner and CEO of Trainer’s House, was just published this week.

We were so impressed with the podcast that we actually wanted to start sponsoring the show. The show notes of the season 2 episodes will be available on a few days after the podcast has been published. We will also include the podcast recording in the article. The show notes of the first episode are already here »

The show notes of the second episode will be published next week, so stay tuned. You can listen to the second episode here »

Find more about Boss Level here »


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