Nordic Business Forum acquires part of Oslo Business Forum

Nordic Business Forum has acquired part of Oslo Business Forum, one of the largest and most prominent business conferences in Norway. The aim of this merger is to contribute to Oslo Business Forum’s future growth and development, plus strengthen the rapid international growth of Nordic Business Forum events.

Nordic Business Forum acquired 30 percent of the shares of Walkover AS, the company that operates the Oslo Business Forum. The Oslo Business Forum founders Christoffer Omberg and Marius Røed Wang will continue as main owners with a combined ownership of almost 70 percent of the shares.

“We have been closely following Oslo Business Forum’s young team and have been very impressed with their rapid growth to one of the largest and most prominent arenas for the Norwegian business sector. With our ten years of experience in building and organizing business conferences, we believe we can contribute to Oslo Business Forum’s future growth and development. We expect this cooperation to benefit both of our operations. There is surely a lot we can also learn from Oslo Business Forum. In the future, we will be working together on the speaker recruitment and marketing,” says Hans-Peter Siefen, co-founder and chairman of Nordic Business Forum.

”We are looking for international growth and this merger will strengthen our position as the biggest leadership and business conference series in Europe”, continues Aslak de Silva, the CEO of Nordic Business Forum.

“We are proud to have the well-established Nordic Business Forum to join our growing team. They all will play an important role in developing our operations and help us deliver even better experiences and insights to our audiences in the future,” comments Christoffer Omberg, CEO of Oslo Business Forum.

Nordic Business Forum Norway will, in the future, be merged with Oslo Business Forum, which has its next conference on September 25th, 2019, with the former UK Prime Minister David Cameron as the headliner. You can read more about the event and your tickets here.


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