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Priit Liiv Appointed as the CEO of Nordic Business Forum

Nordic Business Forum’s Interim Managing Director, Priit Liiv, has now been appointed as the CEO of the company.

Priit Liiv has been a part of the Nordic Business Forum team since the establishment of its Tallinn office in November 2012. He also became a shareholder in the Business Forum Group in 2017. He was nominated as an interim Managing Director for Nordic Business Forum in February 2022, and now, Priit will take on the role of CEO.

“It’s a complete joy to work with Priit. I admire his wisdom, honesty, and resiliency. I believe his qualities are a foundation of a great and respected leader,” says Hans-Peter Siefen, the Co-founder & CEO of Business Forum Group.

“Nominating Priit as the CEO was a natural move, he has proven to be an excellent leader for the company. Priit is dedicated, structured, and great at keeping his promises which are all traits necessary for succeeding in this position. All of us in the board look forward to continuing fruitful work together with Priit in the future,” continues Mika Sutinen, the Chairperson at Business Forum Group.

“I deeply appreciate the trust from my team, the founders, and the board. My journey so far at Nordic Business Forum has been a great teacher, and I’m excited to take those learnings and help build the next chapters for the company,” says Priit.


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