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With Chris Voss, Former FBI Lead Hostage Negotiator

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Welcome to an exclusive negotiation video course featuring Chris Voss, Former FBI Lead Hostage Negotiator!

Ever wondered what it takes to prepare for a crucial negotiation? Or perhaps you’ve encountered common pitfalls and struggled to overcome them? Look no further.

In this 3-part email course, Chris Voss shares his invaluable insights on preparation strategies, common pitfalls to avoid, and the single most important principle in negotiation, tailored specifically for business leaders like you.

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About Chris Voss

For 24 years, Chris Voss worked in the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit. From 2003 to 2007 he was the FBI’s Lead Hostage Negotiator and led a 90-person international negotiation response team.

Since retiring from the FBI in 2007, Voss has taught negotiations at a number of esteemed institutions, including Harvard University and the IMD Business School in Lausanne.

Currently, Chris is the CEO of The Black Swan Group, which solves business communication problems with hostage negotiation strategies for its clients. He is also the author of the international bestseller Never Split the Difference.

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As a leader, you have to be positive and brave, even if times are uncertain or even chaotic. You have to solve complex problems that nobody else has been able to solve. You have to be forward-thinking, even without knowing how the future will be.

This resilience is the true spirit of leadership – turning tough times into opportunities. So now, it’s time to raise the stakes. It’s not just about handling risks; it’s about welcoming change, imagining the future, and leading the way where others are hesitant to go.

We need leaders like you who dare to innovate, disrupt, and make a difference. It’s a call for courageous leadership.