Final 31 May 18:00-20:00 EEST

Duncan Wardle Won the Speaker Contest 2022

We have hosted all of the semifinal rounds and 6 finalists have been voted to continue to the last phase of the contest.

Duncan Wardle was voted to be on the stages of the Nordic Business Forum, Oslo Business Forum, and Amsterdam Business Forum this September.


Speaker Contest 2022

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Lineup for the Contest

The applications for the Speaker Contest closed on the 6th of February. We received 301 applications from 39 different countries. 30 speakers continued to the semifinal rounds, and 6 contestants spoke at the final. At the final, Duncan Wardle was confirmed as the winner and will step out our stages in September.


🔸 Duncan Wardle – Embedding a Culture of Innovation into everyone’s DNA

Time: 31st of May, at 18:00 – 20:00 (EEST) (doors open at 17:00)

Place: Miltton Studio, Sörnäisten Rantatie 15, Helsinki (free live stream available on this website)

Final Lineup:

🔸 Elin Hauge – Digital Is Not (Necessarily) Sustainable
🔸 Mark Tigchelaar – How to Thrive in the Age of Distractions
🔸 Suvi Auvinen – I Don’t Care about Your Sustainability Report
🔸 Duncan Wardle – Embedding a Culture of Innovation into everyone’s DNA
🔸 Ville Houttu – Why Making Every Employee CEO For A Day Is Essential For Your Business
🔸 Unni Turrettini – How To Cultivate A Culture Of Connection And Belonging


🔸 Christoffer Omberg, CEO & Co-Founder at Oslo Business Forum
🔸 Hans Janssen, CEO & Founder at DenkProducties
🔸 Hans-Peter Siefen, CEO & Co-Founder at Business Forum Group
🔸 Jenny Wolfram, CEO & Founder at BrandBastion
🔸 Marjo Miettinen, Chairwoman of the Board at Ensto
🔸 Tor Haugnes, Managing Director at Neste Steg Norge
🔸 Wytze de Haan, CEO at Squares

Winner: 🔸 Elin Hauge – Digital Is Not (Necessarily) Sustainable Semifinalists: 🔸 Elin Hauge on Sustainability – Digital Is Not (Necessarily) Sustainable 🔸 Kevin Cottam on Future of Work – It’s a Trap: MoveON 🔸 Simone Heng on Culture – A Culture of Connection 🔸 Stefan Hyttfors on Sustainability – One Word for Future Leaders 🔸 Susanne Grant on Future of Work – The 3 Critical Shifts In The Way You View Success That Will Help You Lead Your Team Into The Future 🔸 Unni Turrettini on Culture – Connection vs. Resignation – How to Cultivate a Culture of Belonging to Attract and Retain Talent, Reduce Sick Leave, And Solve the Loneliness Epidemic 🔸 Tanya Orlyk on Culture – Humor for Humanity: Lessons from Ukraine External Jury: 🔸 Rune Jevne Sjøhelle, Head of Marketing & Communications at PwC Norway 🔸 Cathrine Foss Stene, Founder and Owner, SKAPr Consulting


🔸 Mark Tigchelaar – How to Thrive in the Age of Distractions


🔸 Chantal Schinkels on Culture – Why Future-focused Leadership is All about Cultural Impact
🔸 Pep Rosenfeld on Culture – The Future of Work Is Funny
🔸 Dr. Emilia Bunea on Future of Work – Sustainable passion: A Key to Futureproof Leadership
🔸 Mark Tigchelaar on Future of Work – How to Thrive in the Age of Distractions
🔸 Mark Robinson on Sustainability – Eradicating Shitty Leadership
🔸 Raymond Hofmann on Culture – Why Character Is the Key to a Healthy Culture

External Jury:

🔸 Wytze de Haan, CEO of Squares
🔸 Jorissa Neutelings, Chief Digital Officier of ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
🔸 Remco Claassen, Speaker, Coach & Bestselling Author
🔸 Rikke Lolk Fjeldsted, Director of Sales – Hotels & Conference Venues – Bellagroup


🔸 Ville Houttu – Why Making Every Employee CEO For A Day Is Essential For Your Business


🔸 Marcus John Henry Brown on Culture – The Corporate Artist
🔸 Agnis Stibe on Future of Work – Burnout vs Hyper-Performance
🔸 Enni-Kukka Tuomala on Culture – Starting the Radical Empathy Revolution!
🔸 Harald Lepisk on Future of Work – Smart Update Person
🔸 Ville Houttu on Culture – Why Making Every Employee CEO For A Day Is Essential For Your Business

External Jury:

🔸 Meelis Mandel, Äripäev Editor in Chief
🔸 Annika Arras, Partner & CEO of Miltton New Nordics
🔸 Kristin Parts, SpeakSmart Trainer and Moderator, and CEO of the Estonian Debating Society


🔸 Duncan Wardle – Embedding a Culture of Innovation into everyone’s DNA


🔸 Aina Thunem on Culture – Impact – Your Superpower for Change
🔸 Fiona English on Culture – The 3 Things That Matter in Purpose and Leadership
🔸 Duncan Wardle on Culture – Embedding a Culture of Innovation into everyone’s DNA
🔸 Friederike Fabritius on Future of Work – The Brain-Friendly Workplace: Why Talented People Quit and How to Get Them to Stay
🔸 Jef Staes on Culture – The Power Defect
🔸 Nicholas Fernholm on Future of Work – How Can We Manage the Unpredictable Future of Work?

External Jury:

🔸 Jenni Tolonen, CEO of Management Events
🔸 Nicklas Östling,CEO of BestsellerPR
🔸 Helena Ekman, CEO of Hyper Island
🔸 Kjell Nordström, Economist & Author


🔸 Suvi AuvinenI Don’t Care about Your Sustainability Report


🔸 Hery Henry on Sustainability- Green BS – How Behavioral Science Can Stop Global Warming 
🔸 Ingrid Tappin on Future of Work – Shaping the Future of Work and Why Empathy Is Not Enough
🔸 Jukka Aalho on Future of Work – Get Ready for One Finger Creativity
🔸 Mariska Kesteloo on Future of Work – The Loss of Connection
🔸 Petri Rajaniemi on Culture – Flames for Profit?
🔸 Suvi Auvinen on Sustainability – I Don’t Care about Your Sustainability Report

External Jury:

🔸 Juhana Torkki, Rhetoric Author
🔸 Kaius Niemi, Helsingin Sanomat Editor in Chief
🔸 Jenny Wolfram, CEO & Founder at BrandBastion
🔸 Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae, Chairwoman of the Board of Posti Group
🔸 Marjo Miettinen, Chairwoman of the Board at Ensto


What Is the Speaker Contest?

Together at Business Forum Group, we host an annual Speaker Contest in which we hope to discover aspiring speakers and original concepts.

The winner of the contest will get to:

🔸 Give a keynote in front of thousands of business leaders at Nordic Business Forum 2022, Oslo Business Forum 2022, and Amsterdam Business Forum 2022

🔸Receive a speaking fee of 70,000€ for doing the 3 keynotes

The overarching theme of our 2022 events is Future-Focused Leadership. The contestants will share their ideas related to one of the following subthemes:

🔸 Future of Work
🔸 Culture
🔸 Sustainability



Over the course of the contest, we will pick 30 contestants to speak online at one of the five different semifinal rounds. The winner of each semifinal will continue to the final, where our jury will pick a winner.


Application period:

🔸 4 January 2022 - 6 February 2022



🔸 Helsinki Semifinal, 10 March, 18:00-20:00 EET
🔸 Stockholm Semifinal, 17 March, 18:00-20:00 EET
🔸 Tallinn Semifinal, 24 March, 18:00-20:00 EET
🔸 Amsterdam Semifinal, 31 March, 18:00-20:00 EEST 
🔸 Oslo Semifinal, 4 April, 18:00-20:00 EEST

Note: All semifinals will be held remotely and contestants will dial-in.



🔸Helsinki, 31 May, 18:00-20:00 EEST

Note: the final will be held physically and also streamed live.



🔸19 September 2022: Amsterdam Business Forum
🔸20-21 September 2022: Nordic Business Forum
🔸21-22 September 2022: Oslo Business Forum


Meet the Past Winners

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