11. Elin Nørve

23, Founder and Impact Director, Executive Board, Future Leaders Global

A poster child for the new era, Elin Nørve is the face of a bold new approach to management and corporate operations that emphasizes sustainability, as well as a social, environmental, and financial impact, also known as the “triple bottom line”. In 2014, Nørve co-founded Future Leaders, a vehicle for syndicating an ambitious vision of leadership based on empathy and ethics. The program recruits and trains young leaders with a view to making them agents of global change via projects, startups, and corporations that allow them to build their careers. It also develops an ecosystem in which participants can draw inspiration, insights, and ideas to help fuel their mission to create a more sustainable world.

Since its inception, the program has scaled up to reach young people in five major cities across four countries: Norway, Sweden, Spain, and Denmark.

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