A sparkling combination of tradition and continous renewal in the jewellery business

Tina Tillander knows that managing a high-quality jewellery business in the sixth generation requires continuous renewal. Her daughter Jenny Tillander would naturally like to make her own impression on the company story. – There must be room for that, Tina says wisely.

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The relationship between mother and daughter is clearly open and harmonious. – I think it has to do with our roots and the culture we´re both born in. Atelier Torbjörn Tillander is a 60-year-old family business, where values such as family, openness, and a commitment to quality have always been cherished. And I´ve wanted to continue that in relation with business and both of my daughters, company CEO and Jewellery Designer Tina Tillander explains.

Tina’s younger daughter Jenny has also become involved in the business. She is now an authorised expert of diamonds and coloured gemstones after graduating as a Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America in London in 2017. – You could think that my roots in the world of jewellery would have automatically guided my life to this business, but it’s actually the opposite. I´m glad I was given the opportunity to find it on my own. Now I can say that I love my work and the ability to share my knowledge with customers and being a part of their special moments in life with our unique jewellery, Jenny adds.

More than customer service

Tina agrees with her daughter. – This is a job that requires heart, because our customers share a slice of their life when they buy a piece of jewellery from us. They can also be quite demanding, so we must be bold enough to make our own vision known to them. It has been wonderful to see that Jenny possesses the required natural desire, empathy, and courage to trust her own vision when working with customers.

Space for fresh ideas

Indeed, Jenny does think that she can bring a fresh vision about the direction of the jewellery world and trends into the business. She has plenty of drive and enthusiasm to develop company operations. – I firmly believe that even the younger generation is starting to appreciate quality more when it comes to jewellery. Young people are very aware and more willing to invest in a single hand-made quality piece rather than mass produced jewellery. Many young people, too, see jewellery purchases as investments. This trend is of course good for us.

Quality that last from one generation to another

Sustainability is very much built into the Tillander business. – Our pieces have never been about disposable culture, because we design and make our jewellery in a way that makes them last for several generations. We are at the heart of the circular economy, where a customer can modify our jewellery or bring in an old piece which we recycle to create something new, Tina states.

As Jenny works a lot with customer service, she has noticed changes in customer awareness. – People want to know about where the gems come from and whether they have been responsibly sourced.

– The world has indeed changed since I was studying gemology, so I find it wonderful that Jenny has learnt new things that can reinforce our expertise. In this way, I can let her control certain aspects of the business and give her the room to develop as an industry professional.

A pioneer has to be daring

As a designer, Tina has always found it important to be able to create something new. – Our clientele expects us to introduce the new trends, material and novelties for them. I think it’s great that people see us as pioneers, because this too encourages us to renew ourselves. My stance as a designer is very solution oriented. If a customer brings in a unique ring for modification, I can always come up with a solution, although this often requires thinking outside of the box. But I love it!

– For me too, daring and the ability to see new opportunities are exactly the things that distinguish us from the masses. We dare to incorporate even the more peculiar global trends, just to be able to experiment with them, Jenny adds.

– I trust Jenny’s vision, for she has often been able to convince me that some seemingly crazy idea is just what our customers want. It is of course important to remember that classics are a big part of our portfolio as well. And nothing could be made without our skilled goldsmiths and the rest of our great team. Nothing gives me greater joy than the ability to offer our personnel the opportunity to flourish and develop their skills in a trade as unique as ours. Now, I’m looking forward to Jenny’s first own jewellery collection, Tina concludes.

Tina Tillander
CEO and head designer of Atelier Torbjörn Tillander.

Goldsmith in fifth generation and graduated master gemologist in 1984. Started in the business at the age of 16 and took the main responsibility of Atelier Torbjörn Tillander at 23. @tinatillander

Jenny Tillander
Works at customer service and marketing. Graduated in 2017 from the Gemology Institute of America in London; making her the 3rd female gemologist in the family. @tillanderjenny







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