Forerunner of sustainable eCommerce

Posti promotes more responsible e-commerce with its logistics network that is the most comprehensive one in Finland, and in which the parcel locker network play a key role. 

This article is an advertorial published at Nordic Business Report Magazine.

As Finland´s largest logistics operator, Posti plays an important role while operating in close vicinity with the everyday lives of people and companies. -We offer a comprehensive network of collection points along people´s daily commuting routes which affects e.g. the environmental effects of our deliveries. People value the 24/7 availability of their online shopping, in order to make their everyday life as easy as possible, says Arttu Hollmérus Vice President, Large Domestic Customers, Parcel and eCommerce at Posti Group.

Therefore, the parcel locker network has a significant role in Posti´s service roadmap. – We have already 1500 automated parcel machines, and we intend to further increase this amount.

From the perspective of e-commerce responsibility and environmental friendliness, it is important where the consumer or corporate customer collects their package. – Primarily, consumers can pay attention to their own choices concerning how and where a product has been manufactured, but the mileage accumulated by transportation is also important. An excellent way to optimise mileage and facilitate everyday life is to have parcels delivered to parcel machines that are located alongside daily commutes, where they can be collected at personally suitable times.

More consideration, less returns

Posti actively studies consumer behaviour and human appreciations, and in its studies, it has also delved into e-commerce returns. – In terms of emissions, e-commerce returns are always a waste which should be minimised.  Many online traders have taken action by adding a cost to returns, so that products would not be added to the shopping basket to only be delivered back and forth. However, studies show that Finns are considerate online buyers. Finns return considerably less of their online purchases to online shops compared to other countries.

Role as a promoter of circular economy

Posti has also been involved in the International Post Corporation’s (IPC) online market study, which indicated that up to 60% of consumers would be prepared to pay extra for green deliveries. – Posti has participated in this trend, since all our deliveries are carbon neutral.

Hollmérus considers that Posti could have an even stronger role in the future as a promoter of circular economy.  – Our parcel lockers can already be utilised for receiving and sending post, i.e. a package to be delivered to another consumer can be left in the machine. Some of Posti’s drivers are also trained technicians who can install a home appliance in connection with its delivery, as well as transport the old one for recycling. We optimise deliveries by transporting more consignments at once to one location. This way, we can reduce the carbon footprint of an individual package as well as the deliveries of the entire company.

More equal services

Home deliveries naturally cause more emissions, but for many they are the only possible option. – It can be a critical aid to an elderly person, who lives alone. The selection of the e-commerce world reaching residents of sparsely populated areas by means of our nationwide logistics is also an important way of promoting social equality.







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