A zero-waste future on the agenda

There are different ways of tackling sustainability issues. Businesses need to ask the question: what are my priorities and how can I find an optimal balance between servicing my customers’ needs while still doing my share in fighting global change? Materials company Walki has its priorities straight.

This article is an advertorial published at Nordic Business Report Magazine.

-Our top priorities are to fight climate change, reduce the use of virgin plastics and increase the use of non-fossil and circular materials, says Annika Sundell, Vice President, Innovation.

In its quest to enable the world’s transition towards a zero-waste future, Walki has identified three core areas where the company can help its customers make a real difference: Zero waste renewable, zero waste recyclable and zero waste compostable.

-This technology platform comprising these core areas is a way for us to steer the innovation process we often do in collaboration with our customers in the right direction. We need to find a sustainability level that is suitable for each customer, says Sundell.

However, customers’ needs vary a lot. Customers in the packaging industry, for instance, need not only to find the right materials, they also need to analyse the surrounding circumstances: there is no point in making something recyclable if the infrastructure is not in place.

-We can make food packaging completely plant-based or significantly reduce the use of plastics, all depending on the final use of the packaging and in what circumstances it will be used. If the packaging is to be used in a country where litter is abundant, then we opt for a truly degradable solution. But if the infrastructure supports recycling, we will focus on that.

Finding the optimal balance between customers’ needs and solutions for a sustainable solution is a rewarding process.

-At the end of the day, we all have the same agenda: act for a sustainable zero waste future, says Sundell.

Writer: Lena Barner-Rasmussen




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