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Nokia renews its strategy, and this time it shows

Nokia, a company today known for its network equipment and solutions, introduced a new corporate strategy. According to CEO Pekka Lundmark, one of the most significant drivers for the renewal was the objective of increasing market share.

“Our technological position has improved remarkably”, Lundmark stated. “This makes it possible to accelerate speed, gather more market share and expand our corporate customer business.”

According to Lundmark, Nokia’s current market share outside China is around 25 % in mobile phone networks and below 20 % in optic networks. While the market size is not expected to grow when it comes to teleoperator networks, Nokia believes its new products will help gain market share. This belief is further strengthened by the ongoing geopolitical development – Nokia’s Chinese competitors are facing problems in many markets as teleoperators refuse to buy their devices and software in fear of them being used for spying.

In addition to company strategy, Nokia renews its graphic identity – including the logo that now goes through its most significant change for over 60 years.

“The old logo is still heavily associated with mobile phones”, Lundmark points out. “With the new identity, we want to communicate that the entire company has renewed.”

Starbucks CEO calls new olive oil coffee drinks ‘transformational’

Starbucks’ new line of olive oil-infused coffee drinks could disrupt the industry, interim CEO Howard Schultztold CNBC.

“This is a transformational moment in the history of our company creating a new category, a new platform,” Schultz said. ”Starbucks’ new olive-oil coffee will be incremental to the business over time.”

The drinks debut at the company’s 25 Italy locations. Schultz believes it will be a “market-maker” in an industry that has felt the squeeze of tightening consumer demand. The “Oleato,” which is named after the Italian word for “with oil”, will come to the U.S. this spring, starting in California.

Alongside olive oil coffee, Starbucks is also unveiling an Oleato espresso martini, which will be available in select locations in Italy, as well as Seattle and New York.

Starbucks’ olive oil coffee comes as the company continues to navigate a tough macro environment, though Schultz has maintained optimism. He noted that the company has added roughly USD 40 billion to its market cap since he started as interim CEO.

Cisco and Mercedes Benz redefine mobile working

Cisco announced it is working with Mercedes-Benz to provide an optimal mobile office experience in its new Mercedes-Benz E Class vehicles. In today’s era of hybrid work, people expect an exceptional experience regardless of how and where they work – and the car is no exception. This partnership will help people get work done safely, securely, and comfortably in their vehicles, with the modern luxury and intuitive features that Mercedes-Benz and Webex customers are accustomed to.

“Hybrid work is centered on the work you do, not where you do it – whether it’s in the office, home, car, or anywhere in between,” said Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Security & Collaboration, Cisco. “The mobile office cannot progress without the reliable and secure collaboration technology that only Cisco can provide. This partnership with Mercedes-Benz, a leader in automotive luxury, marks a big step forward in delivering the flexibility that the hybrid workforce demands.”

When the vehicle is moving, meetings and calls will use audio-only. When parked, users can harness Webex’s full immersive collaboration experience in their E Class, including video meetings, automatic AI-powered transcription, content sharing, and reactions such as a thumbs-up or celebration emoji.

Wilson introduces first-ever 3D airless prototype basketball

The 3D Airless Prototype Basketball was introduced during the first round of the AT&T Slam Dunk Contest in Salt Lake City during the NBA All-Star Weekend. The first-of-its-kind 3D printed ball is truly playable, nearly fitting the performance specifications of a regulation basketball, including its weight, size and rebound (bounce). The ball, however, does not need to be inflated because it is comprised of a black, see-through lattice with eight panel-like “lobes.”

“We are so proud to unveil Wilson’s 3D Airless Prototype basketball as a physical manifestation of our continued commitment to sport innovation,” said Kevin Murphy, General Manager, Team Sports at Wilson. “This is just one example of how our team approaches the game and why we are the number one basketball company in the world today.”

While the 3D Airless Prototype Basketball showcases the shared drive for innovation between Wilson and the NBA, there will be no changes made to the Wilson NBA official game ball, which will continue to be comprised of the same leather materials, eight-panel configuration, and performance specifications currently in use.


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