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Get Ready to… Follow Nordic Business Forum 2017!

This is the final entry in our Get Ready series!

Over 7,500 business executives and entrepreneurs will gather in Helsinki for this year’s big event. If you missed your chance to get tickets to the sold out Nordic Business Forum 2017, there are a few different ways you can still tune in.

1. Live Stream

Without a doubt, the best way to keep up with NBForum 2017 is the official Live Stream.

Hosted by Business Insider Nordic, the event will be broadcasted on Monday (2 October) and Tuesday (3 October). On the first event day, the action starts at 12:15 and runs until 19:00. The second day starts at 09:50 and ends around 18:00. All times are local to Helsinki (EEST).

Business Insider Nordic will provide full coverage of the event, including broadcasting interviews with speakers and event guests on their website and Facebook page.

Live Stream licenses start at 150€. Get yours today!

2. Instant Articles

One of the useful products of Nordic Business Forum 2017 will be our instant articles. We have a team of journalists who will write and publish articles about each presentation. These articles will highlight interesting things that were said and done on our mainstage.

You can follow our stream of instant articles on the Nordic Business Report.

3. #NBForum2017

Pick your social media channel of choice — Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or anything else — and follow @NBForumHQ and our hashtag #NBForum2017. That hashtag is practically guaranteed to have a steady flow of live content about our event from us and all our attendees! Engage in the conversation and see what others are experiencing.

4. On-Demand Videos

A great way for you to recap the event is to watch the keynotes with the 30-day on-demand Live Stream. Our VIP and First Class guests will have access to the on-demand player after the event, and anyone else can purchase access with a live stream license.

5. Executive Summary

Ideas are the most valuable thing you can get from an event. Our Event Summary will take you through Nordic Business Forum 2017. See who the speakers were, what they spoke about, and get the latest on some of the hottest discussion topics. And most of all, keep an eye on the ideas that emerged. We hope it will help you reach the next level of your own professional career. Take a look at our past event summaries while you wait for this year’s to be published!

Whichever channel you choose, we encourage you to take notes and review them once the event is over to help new ideas stick! The conversation doesn’t end when the event ends. We will continue to share the best moments and insights from the event with you across our social media channels.


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Blog Nordic Business Forum 2017 Past Events

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Blog Nordic Business Forum 2017 Past Events

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