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MySpeaker Partners with 2020 Speaker Contest

MySpeaker will join Nordic Business Forum and Oslo Business Forum in the search for the next world-class speaker in the 2020 edition of the Speaker Contest.

Joining us for the second time, speaker and coaching company MySpeaker has agreed to cooperate and train aspiring speakers to meet the growing communication demands of international business life. MySpeaker will join the judging panel of the contest and will provide participants with personalized coaching on how to win over large audiences.

Andreas Kustås, Executive Producer of Nordic Business Forum: “It’s great to have MySpeaker with us once more, and the value they bring to this speaker contest is terrific. We wish to ensure that our speaker contestants receive a unique value so that they can develop as public speakers and even better communicate their message. This is a win-win situation where MySpeakers competence contributes to high-level contestants, which again increases the already-high level of the Nordic Business Forum 2020 line-up.”

Last year Anssi Rantanen, Finland CEO at Growth Tribe Academy, won the competition. He got one of the highest audience ratings at Nordic Business Forum Helsinki 2019 with 5.15/6 as the average. “It was such a privilege to go head-to-head with other great speakers and to ultimately win the competition. I highly recommend participating – you’ll learn a lot about yourself in the process!” Anssi Rantanen commented on the contest. Watch Anssi’s full speech here.


André Noël Chaker, MySpeaker: “Coaching last year’s contestants and watching Anssi Rantanen win was such a pleasure. I believe that there is no greater stage than the NBForum and its speaker contest for aspiring global speakers. If speaking is your thing, this is definitely a chance you shouldn’t miss.”

Aslak de Silva, CEO of Nordic Business Forum: “We are not just looking for a speaker to speak at our events, but also want to ensure that speakers attending our Speaker Contest will develop as speakers to business people. I personally took part in the training as well and felt that this comprehensive approach for understanding public and business speaking is really valuable. We have also got a lot of great feedback from previous contestants about working with MySpeaker, thus this was an easy decision for us to continue the partnership for the next two years.”

Our Speaker Contest applications are open to anyone, anywhere in the world until 14 February 2020. Speaking topics include Future of Work, Future of Marketing, and Disruptive Technologies for Business. Eight speakers will be selected for each of the five qualifying rounds in Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm, Oslo, and Los Angeles. The winner is offered a spot on stage both at Nordic Business Forum 2020 and Oslo Business Forum 2020 with a 50,000 € fee for the speaking engagement.

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