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Nordic Business Forum 2013 sold out!

All of the 3300 seats for Nordic Business Forum 2013 have now been booked. The seminar was sold out this morning. The two-day event in September will provide its attendees a very inspiring seminar experience, a lot of valuable ideas and opportunities for networking.

The theme of Nordic Business Forum 2013 is Leadership. This year’s event will concentrate especially on leadership issues regarding innovation, sales and personal management. Speakers include the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, the authors and lecturers Tom Peters and Malcom Gladwell, business journalist Suzy Welch, Finnish Minister for Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb and professors Vijay Govindarajan,Lynda GrattonPetri Parvinen and Alf Rehn among others. The main speaker of the Nordic Business Forum 2013 will be the legendary CEO and Chairman of General Electric, Jack Welch. The Fortune magazine listed Welch as the greatest business executive of the whole 20th century in the year 2000.


On top of the content from the stage, networking plays an important role in this two-day event. The networking spirit at Nordic Business Forums is one of its kind. A special networking tool and a business lunch concept make the networking even more juicy. The networking tool provides the attendees a possibility to start networking even before the seminar. With the help of this special tool one may get introduced to other seminar guests and agree on a networking meeting during the seminar breaks. The system sets the meetings in certain time slots and certain numbered meeting tables. The use of this networking tool at the Nordic Business Forum 2013 is free of charge.


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