Brian Tracy on Time Management

This is a clip of Brian Tracy’s speech at a breakfast meeting that Nordic Business Forum organized for its partners in February 2013.


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Hans-Peter Siefen – Ajanhallinta & viikkosuunnitelma

Tässä videossa Hans-Peter Siefen kertoo Nordic Business Forum Oy:n reseptejä ajankäytön hallintaan. Lue lisää viikkosuunnitelmaamme käsittelevästä blogitekstistä: ENG:


The Finnish Soccer Player Jari Litmanen Teaches Us Time Management

I watched a documentary movie about the most successful Finnish soccer player of all times, ‘The King Jari Litmanen’. His passion in soccer really inspired me. I have always been a great fan of Jari. Now I’m even more of that. There is […]