The Finnish Soccer Player Jari Litmanen Teaches Us Time Management

I watched a documentary movie about the most successful Finnish soccer player of all times, ‘The King Jari Litmanen’. His passion in soccer really inspired me. I have always been a great fan of Jari. Now I’m even more of that.

There is a point in the movie where another great soccer player Danny Blind says with a great amount of respect in his eyes: “Every moment he was on the training pitch he didn’t waste one minute, because he always was focused to become a better player.”

This is something that we all should consider in our work too, in case you want to become the best in your field, of course. When you are at work, doing something you love, you shouldn’t waste time with non-important tasks also known as “busy work”. Focus and do things that have a meaning and make you and your company better. And remember to rest when it is time to rest. Enjoy other things in life as well. Rest is extremely important for professional soccer players as well.

Jari really loves soccer. Still, now at the age of 42, he says to reporters that he is not yet ready to quit. He wants to play – and as we all know, in his case that is not for economical reasons. Respect.


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