20. Arve Ulriksen

54, Norway, CEO, Mo Industripark

Since his appointment as CEO of Mo Industripark (MIP), Arve Ulriksen has actively championed, initiated and steered several initiatives aimed at introducing green, sustainable and circular business models to the old industrial site.

Under Ulriksen’s capable stewardship, Mo Industripark has achieved a leading position as an environmentally-sustainable and energy-efficient industrial cluster dedicated to environmental stewardship. MIP has partnered with researchers to drive the circular economy by establishing a recycling division and has invested heavily in energy recovery systems. Not surprisingly, the estate relies on renewable energy sources to power industrial activities for more than 100 companies, many operating in the extractive and metal manufacturing sectors.

MIP has adopted sustainability indicators to serve as signposts for resource efficiency and has identified global climate change as a driver for restructuring industry to make it more sustainable.

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