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Leader’s Digest | March 2022

This time our biweekly newsletter focuses on emotions, human skills, and feedback in the context of leadership with Erin Meyer, Simon Sinek, and Sheila Heen, among others.

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🗒 Article: Feedback comes in many shapes and forms, but what is the most effective? Check our blog for 5 development ideas on giving and receiving feedback.

💡 Video: What makes a great leader? According to Simon Sinek: “leadership is about human skills—the best leaders have a high EQ.”

📉 Article: “With human suffering obviously as the most essential concern, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine also carries huge risks for a world economy.”

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“Research shows that the radical acceptance of all of our emotions—even the messy, difficult ones—is the cornerstone to resilience, thriving, and true authentic happiness.” – Susan David

This past week has (at least in our team) brought in many challenging emotions from fear to anxiety. That made us turn to the ideas and tools of the appreciated psychologist, Susan David. In her TED talk, she discusses why emotional suppression is dangerous and how accepting and labeling our emotions can help us develop.

And why should you as a leader care about emotions in your organization? “When people are allowed to feel their emotional truth, engagement, creativity, and innovation flourish in the organization.”

Watch the entire TED talk by Susan to learn more.

Stop and Think

”You have to lead people from the perspective of the people who are following you.”

– John C Maxwell

Let’s Help Ukraine

Ukraine and its people need our help. Wondering what you and your business can do? Here are a few ways:

→ Donate through a reliable NGO
→ Keep working with Ukrainian businesses
→ Join a peaceful protest
→ Think about how your specific business can help Ukraine
→ Read and share verified information about the war

Check our blog for links and more information.


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What makes a great leader? According to the world-renowned author and speaker, Simon Sinek, “the best leaders have high EQ – the best leaders understand the human skills”. In an interview with Sabinije von Gaffke at Nordic Business Forum in […]

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