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A Few Ways You Can Help Ukraine

Ukraine and its people need our help. Wondering what you and your business can do? Here are a few ways:

→ Donate money to a reliable non-profit organization to give aid to Ukraine and its people. We chose to donate in total 10,000€ to Finn Church Aid and Red Cross, but there are many options.

→ Keep working with Ukrainian businesses and buy Ukrainian products (e.g. barcodes starting with 482 are Ukrainian products).

→ Join a peaceful protest to show support. You can find organized protests on the Stand with Ukraine website.

→ Think of your specific business and the field you operate in; figure out if there is a way your business specifically can help Ukraine?

Also, as Ukraine itself puts it on their official website: “The most important thing you can do for Ukraine now is to READ and SHARE verified information about Russia’s attack on Ukraine.”



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