Simon Sinek – Great Leadership According to an Optimist

What makes a great leader? According to the world-renowned author and speaker, Simon Sinek, “the best leaders have high EQ – the best leaders understand the human skills”. In an interview with Sabinije von Gaffke at Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm in 2019, Simon shares his insights on issues such as the infinite mindset and great leadership. #nbforum #nordicbusinessforum #nbf #simon sinek


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The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback
Communication Leadership

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback can be the key to not only developing your team but also yourself. However, as we all know, giving and receiving feedback can sometimes be extremely difficult. As this is arguably one of the most important leadership skills, we […]

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Leader’s Digest | March 2022

This time our biweekly newsletter focuses on emotions, human skills, and feedback in the context of leadership with Erin Meyer, Simon Sinek, and Sheila Heen, among others. Top Content Picks 🗒 Article: Feedback comes in many shapes and forms, but […]