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500-Seat Addition to NBForum 2017

With close to selling out the 2017 conference, we are happy to announce we have now 500 more tickets available thanks to the new floor plan.

The ticket sales of Nordic Business Forum 2017 has taken us totally by surprise. Originally, we had a 1,300 seat increase in the capacity from 2016 thanks to moving the conference to a new exhibition hall. However, even with the 1,300 extra seats, we started running out of the tickets quickly and were sold out by the end of last week – six months prior to the conference.

Due to the high demand, we have been working with the Expo & Convention Center and the authorities in Helsinki to add seats to the floor plan and to improve logistics even further. The new plan enables us to accommodate 500 more seats, which makes it the biggest ever seat count for a single conference hall in the Expo & Convention Center.

This means that we now have 500 tickets left for the 2017 conference. Most of the remaining tickets are regular tickets with only a handful of VIPs. The First Class was sold out immediately after the launch. The next price increase is coming up after this Friday, March 31st.

The speakers in 2017 include George Clooney, Sir Richard Branson, Adam GrantRachel Botsman, and many others. More information on the speakers, agenda, and tickets >


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News Nordic Business Forum 2017 Past Events

VIP Tickets Sold Out – Only Regular Tickets Left for #NBForum2017

Both VIP and First Class seats for Nordic Business Forum 2017 are now fully booked. We have been extremely happy with the ticket sales of Nordic Business Forum 2017. Now both the VIP and First Class seats are fully booked. […]