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Liz Wiseman

Liz Wiseman is a researcher and executive advisor who teaches leadership to executives around the world. She is the author of New York Times bestseller Multipliers and Wall Street Journal bestseller Impact Players.

She is the CEO of the Wiseman Group, a leadership research and development firm headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Some of her recent clients include: Apple, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Disney, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Netflix, Nike, Salesforce, Tesla and X.

Liz has received the top achievement award for leadership from Thinkers50 and has been consistently named one of the world’s top 50 management thinkers

3 Reasons to Learn from Liz

Renowned Leadership Expert

Liz’s concept of the “Multiplier” versus the “Diminisher” in the leadership realm has revolutionized how we think about management and team dynamics. By advocating for leaders to become Multipliers—those who use their intelligence to amplify the capabilities of the people around them—she offers actionable strategies for achieving exponential growth in organizations.

Established Author

As the author of the acclaimed books “Impact Players” and “Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter,” she brings to light her research on leadership and collective intelligence. Through her work, she provides leaders with ideas on how to amplify team intelligence and productivity. 

Dynamic Speaker and Thought Leader

With a style that captivates and educates, Liz Wiseman delivers insights that are both thought-provoking and actionable. Her pioneering ideas on leadership will inspire but also offer practical tools to transform their approach to drive their teams toward higher performance and engagement.

Liz' keynote at Nordic Business Forum 2024

Are Your Leaders Geniuses or Genius Makers?

Liz will explore the research behind Multipliers and share the resoundingly positive and profitable effect that Multiplier leaders have on organizations.

  • Learn the five Multiplier disciplines
  • Identify how you can ensure your team consists of multiplier leaders
  • How to fully utilize a team’s intelligence

Liz Wiseman’s keynote will take place on 25 September 2024 in Helsinki, Finland.

Liz Wizeman

Liz Wiseman & Nordic Business Forum

Growth Through Collaborative Leadership with Liz Wiseman

“Liz Wiseman, a renowned leadership expert and CEO of the Wiseman Group, advises executives globally and has authored bestsellers like Multipliers and Impact Players. With clients such as Apple, Google, and Netflix, she is celebrated as a top management thinker holding a leadership award from the prestigious Thinkers50. She is also one of the Nordic Business Forum 2024 speakers.

We recently sat down with her to discuss talent development, team collaboration, and leadership, and here’s what we learned…”

Why We Chose Liz Wiseman

"Brilliant, insightful, and realistic. Liz has been consistently on the Thinkers50 Ranking and there's a good reason for that. She's not only a management thinker, Liz has a long-time experience as an executive at Oracle Corporation - she's a doer."
Ville Saarikalle
Ville Saarikalle
Head of Speakers Relations, Nordic Business Forum
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