Welcome to the Streaming Pass User Guide

Here you will find all the needed information to make the most of your Nordic Business Forum Streaming Pass.

Add the Video Player to Your Website

It's as simple as copy-pasting a piece of code

1. Copy the iframe code to your clipboard and paste it into your website’s HTML editor.

You have received your iframe code by email. You simply need to copy it and paste it to your website editor. In doubt, ask your IT department how to proceed. In case you don’t find your iframe code, you can request it by filling the form below.

2. Whitelist Your Website

To be able to watch the program, we need to whitelist your website. You can request to whitelist it by filling the form under. You will get an email confirmation when we have whitelisted your website. If you have lost your iframe code, you can request it again after filling in your URL.

3. Check that the player is working on your website

After getting the email confirmation that your website is whitelisted, you should check that the player is visible on your page and you can play the demo video there.

If you see the “Embedding is disabled on this page” error message on the player after we have whitelisting the website, please check our troubleshooting part at the bottom of the page.

Marketing Material

Get access to some material to help you promote the event

In order to get your employees to take advantage of this great learning opportunity, we recommend you to communicate and market it across your organization. To help you do this, we have some resources for you to use:

General Nordic Business Forum event photos

Nordic Business Forum logos

Examples of messages and visuals for marketing

Presentations on demand

For 90 days

With our next event, OBF Rethinking Business, the presentations will be available on the same player for 90 days after the event.

We encourage you to make the most of your live stream experience and revisit the presentations after the event. You can watch the on-demand content with your entire organization, just like the live broadcast.

Timeline of the Event

Key Dates

Below are the key dates you should keep in mind. 

For the upcoming event (Oslo Business Forum Rethinking Business), you can find the detailed agenda on the event website. Please note that the event schedule may change before (or during) the event. Our schedule is generally accurate but we advise you to check the agenda beforehand. 

22 September 2021

Test Day

On 22 September 2021 you will get to test the stream with the iframe code we provided you.

Test Day

22 September 2021

29 September 2021

Event Day

Presentations by Alex Osterwalder, Rachel Botsman, Erin Meyer and more...

Event Day

29 September 2021

30 October 2021

End of the On-Demand period

30 October 2021 is the last day to access the recording of the event.

End of the On-Demand period

26 December 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for this solution?

To set up the event’s iframe, you need to have an employee portal or similar password-protected website where you can embed the player.

A website's full address (fully qualified domain name FQDN) that can be whitelisted (e.g. nbforum.sharepoint.com) Any sites that are not on our list will receive an error message when attempting to embed it.

You are eligible for the Streaming Pass if you have dozens to hundreds (or even thousands) of employees, and/or multiple offices - in different cities or perhaps even countries, and/or many people working remotely.

You are not showing the content on a publicly accessible page.

You are not charging your users for watching the content.

If you are planning on showing our event to your members or customers, you may not be eligible to purchase a streaming pass (university alumni associations, chambers of commerce, unions, co-working spaces etc.) Yet you can benefit from our event’s live stream by purchasing a Business Live Stream Pass.

Can we embed this to our internal website? Our intranet solution is provided by...

Our solution should work on multiple platforms, but we can't promise compatibility with your platform without testing. That's why we have made it very simple to test the solution before buying it.

You can try to set up our test live stream player on your password-protected website with the test iframe script. We highly recommend you do this before purchasing the streaming pass. If you can see the test player with a watchable video recording, then your website should be suitable for the online event’s live stream player. Please note that you also need to have a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) that can be whitelisted (e.g., nbforum.sharepoint.com).

We are happy to help you through our chat if you encounter any problems or if you need guidance. Remember to check other FAQ bullets since we have tried to address all the most asked questions here.

Why am I seeing the error message “Embedding is disabled on this page.”

If you see the following error message "Embedding is disabled on this page. If you think there has been an issue, please contact the event owner." There are three possible reasons for that:

1. We haven't yet allowed embedding on your website. In this case, contact our customer service at info@nbforum.com and provide us the website's complete address (FQDN) where you wish to embed the video player (for example, nbforum.sharepoint.com, www.nbforum.com). You can also request whitelisting trough this form.

2. If your website is added to our whitelist, but you're getting these errors, please make sure that your device or browser is not blocking cookies, JavaScript, or cross-site tracking. Adblockers, antivirus and firewall software, and VPN services can also cause this issue for the end-users. (Safari users can allow cross-site tracking with these instructions)

3. If you have allowed cookies, JavaScript, and cross-site tracking, but all of your users are getting errors, please make sure that your website is not blocking cross-frame, cross-origin resources, or referrer policy. If you can see the player but you're getting embedding errors when trying to play videos, then it might be your website's referrer policy that is causing issues. You can try to add the following attribute to the iframe referrerpolicy="strict-origin-when-cross-origin"

You can see the ports and domains that Vimeo Livestream uses from the next section.

Network Configuration Requirements for Viewers

If you have viewers watching from a network that has a strict firewall service in places, such as a school or a corporation, they may need to whitelist a few domains in order for them to watch the event.

Viewers should ensure the following ports are open on their network for playback:


The domains their network administrator should whitelist for the iframe (Vimeo Livestream.com) are:


To be safe, you can whitelist them by using a wildcard:

Browser requirements for viewers

To watch an event on Livestream, please ensure you have the following:

System Requirements:
Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
Supported desktop browsers:
Google Chrome 45+
Mozilla Firefox 49+
Safari 10+
Microsoft Edge 15+
Supported mobile browsers:
Chrome 45+, Safari 10+ (iOS)
Internet Connection:
5-10mbps download speed is recommended. Check your connection at www.speedtest.net.

Please make sure that your device or browser is not blocking cookies, JavaScript, or cross-site tracking, Adblockers, antivirus and firewall software, and VPN services can cause issues for the end-users.
How to enable cross-site tracking in Safari
How to enable Javascript on you Browser
How to enable Cookies on your Browser

How can we watch the recordings?

Full replays of speeches become available through the same iframe player within 24 hours after their original live broadcasts.

The player includes access to the event recordings for 30 days after the event has ended. The bundle customers have access to Bootcamp recordings until 28.9.2021. The on-demand period depends on the product you purchased.

I have purchased the Streaming Pass, how can I set it up?

1. Provide us the website's complete address (FQDN) where you wish to embed the video player (for example, nbforum.sharepoint.com, www.nbforum.com). When you are placing the order, you can add it to the order notes field on the checkout page. If you have already purchased the product, you can send the information via email (info@nbforum.com).

2. We will send the iframe code to you by email. Once you get the code, copy it to your clipboard and paste it into your website’s HTML editor.

3. Publish the website and you should see the video player on your website.

I am not hearing audio or seeing video

If you are not seeing video or hearing audio make sure you have clicked the play button on the video player. If you are still having issues, try refreshing your screen by pressing the F5 key (or Command-R on a Mac). If refreshing your screen does not work, try another web browser (We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

The video is playing but I do not have audio

If you are seeing video but not hearing audio make sure the audio on the video player is turned on. To access the audio click on the speaker at the lower left side of the video player. If you are still not hearing audio, make sure your system audio settings are correct.

I have audio but cannot see the video

If you can hear the audio, but cannot see the video try refreshing your screen by pressing the “F5” key (or Command-R on a Mac). If refreshing your screen does not solve the issue, try clicking the “HD” button at the bottom right side of your screen and selecting a lower bitrate. If the issue still persists, try using another web browser (We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

My video keeps buffering

If you are having issues with buffering, drag your mouse cursor over the bottom right of the video player where you see the “HD” button. Once you click the “HD” button, you will be able to choose the quality of your stream. Choose the best quality bitrate that your internet connection can handle.

What payment options do you accept?

You can pay by invoice, credit/bank card, or via your Finnish online bank.

I have another question.

Feel free to contact us by chat, email, or phone .