Culture as a Strategy for Growth with Annicken Day

Free Webinar on August 26th, 14:00-15:00 (EEST)

About This Webinar

An overwhelming amount of research has proven the strong effect, highly engaged cultures have on employee retention, productivity, innovation, bottom-line results, and shareholder return.

But how can you develop such as organization? During our next free webinar, Annicken Day, the founder and culture strategist in Corporate Spring, will share her insights on the issue. She will discuss topics such as:

🔸 The ROI of making culture a strategy for growth
🔸 3 mistakes leaders make when trying to change the culture
🔸 A practical and impactful model for high-performing, high-growth cultures

Before the session with Annicken, we will also get to hear insights on culture by Espen Steinsrud, the National Director of Dfind.

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