Event Information for NBF 2023 Attendees

27 - 28 September 2023, Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland

We warmly welcome you to Nordic Business Forum 2023!

On this page, you will find all the relevant information regarding your visit to Nordic Business Forum 2023. Start from the checklist and navigate your way down the page to find all the important information about your upcoming experience with us.



Are you attending the event virtually and have an online ticket? You can find the dedicated guide here.

Assigning your ticket(s)

After purchasing your ticket(s), you will receive an email with a link to our Attendee Dashboard in Kongressi. There, you can fill in your attendee information and access and download your ticket. If there are any changes, update your information on the Attendee Dashboard so we can keep you up to date!

Please note that the link to the ticket portal will be emailed to the same email address you have used when booking your ticket. You should find it from your inbox (or spam folder) with “Nordic Business Forum” as the subject line. In case you can’t find your ticket, please contact us.

If you bought multiple tickets, please assign the tickets on the ticket portal Kongressi as soon as possible. This way all attendees will have enough time to inform us of their special diets, and they will be updated on all the relevant event information.

You can find more detailed instructions about assigning tickets from our Frequently Asked Questions. 

Get Your Event Badge(s)

To enter the event, each attendee will need to show their event badge upon arrival at the venue.

You can collect your badge either at Messukeskus check-in when arriving to the event, or beforehand at the designated pre-check-in.

At Messukeskus

You will be able to collect your event badge from the check-in at Messukeskus when you arrive to the event. You will need your ticket and an ID.

At the Pre-Check-In

You can also get the badge at the Pre-Check-In taking place on Monday 25th, and Tuesday 26th of September from 10:00 to 20:00 at Scandic Helsinki Hub.

The Tallinn Pre-Check-In dates and place are to be announced soon.

Please bring your ticket and ID with you to receive the badge.

Plan your arrival at the Venue

Nordic Business Forum will be held at Messukeskus Helsinki (Expo & Convention Center), located close to Helsinki’s center with excellent transportation connections. There are two entrances to the venue: the Southern Entrance, which is the main entrance, and the Northern Entrance, which can be accessed from the parking halls.

We highly recommend using public transportation to come to the venue in order to minimize carbon emissions, avoid paying and worrying about parking, and to reduce and avoid traffic.

The doors at Messukeskus will open at 8:45 on the first day and at 7:45 on the second day.  Please reserve time for check-in, security check, and dropping off your coat when you plan your arrival time. We also recommend checking the detailed schedule.

  • Train All national and international trains (apart from Allegro trains) stop at Pasila, and it is only a 300-meter walk to the main entrance of the venue.
  • Tram or Bus You can arrive to Messukeskus easily with different buses and trams. We suggest you plan your route at hsl.fi
  • Taxi To arrange for a taxi, call +358 (0)100 0600. The taxi stand at Messukeskus can be found at the main entrance (Southern Entrance).
  • Plane From Helsinki-Vantaa Airport you can take the I or P train directly to Pasila railway station. Alternatively, you can also grab a taxi from the airport (roughly 15 minutes and 35€).
  • Ferry If you arrive in Helsinki via ferry, we recommend that you either take a taxi or a tram. Both are located in front of the arrival terminal.

    If you are traveling from Estonia, read about our Tallink travel package.
  • Car Messukeskus Car Park is accessible at the Northern Entrance of the venue (Ratapihantie 17).

Book your overnight in Helsinki

Scandic offers exclusive rates for all Nordic Business Forum 2023 attendees. They have multiple hotels in the city center of Helsinki and surrounding areas, with many options to commute to the event venue.

Our event guests can book rooms with a 15% discount on Scandic’s Full Flex prices, including breakfast. You can find the instructions on how to book your accommodation here.

Download the Event & Networking App

Our event and networking app is powered by Brella. You can find a lot of relevant info (agenda, etc.) on the app but it also provides an AI-powered matchmaking feature to book 15-minute meetings with other event guests. Through Brella you have the opportunity to meet with the right profiles among our 7,000 attendees.

In September, around three weeks before the event, you will get an invitation to sign up for Brella. Then we suggest you:

  1. Download the app on Google Play or App Store.
  2. Create your profile or log in to your existing account through the link you will receive via email closer to the event.
  3. Set up your networking profile and book your first meetings.

Event Schedule

You can find the full event-day agenda on our dedicated agenda page, but we have collected the most important times here. When planning your time of arrival, please reserve time for check-in, dropping off your coat, and a security check prior to entering the event area.

Day 1 : 27 September 2023 (Timezone: EEST – UTC +03:00)

08:45 Doors Open
10:00 VIP Session
11:00 Welcoming Lunch
11:15 Live stream begins
12:00 – 19:00 Main Program
19:40 Live Stream Ends
19:00 – 22:00 VIP Evening (Only for VIP and First Class Guests)

Day 2 : 28 September 2023 (Timezone: EEST – UTC +03:00)

07:45 Doors Open
08:30 VIP Session
09:30 Live stream begins
09:45 – 16:00 Main Program
16:40 Live Stream Ends

During the Event Days

  • Leave your jacket in the cloakroom

    September in Helsinki can be a bit chilly, but inside the venue you will not be cold. Drop your coat, bag, luggage, or any other items at the cloakroom.

    Pro tip: Take a picture of your tag in case you lose it.

  • Follow the keynotes and interviews

    The Main Stage is where you can follow the main keynotes and discussions. During the breaks, we also host interviews with our speakers and event guests at the Live Studio.

    You can find the full schedule for the event days on the agenda page.

  • Take notes We provide you with a notebook and a pen right when you enter the event venue. From the book, you can find a lot of relevant info about the event but also plenty of empty pages to fill during the two event days. After all, you never know when your next big idea will pop in your mind. Read our tips on how to take better notes from our blog.
  • Visit the partner exhibitions

    At the networking area of the event venue, you can meet our official event partners. 

    During the main stage breaks, they have plenty in store for you to discover. We highly recommend visiting their exhibition booths during the event!

  • Network with the other participants

    During the breaks, you have a great opportunity to mingle and meet with the other event participants.

    With our Brella event and networking app, you can easily schedule 15-minute meetings and start new business relationships right then and there.

    Read our networking tips from our blog.

  • If you must get some work done Feel free to use one of our acoustic booths if you seek a quiet place to check your emails, attend a meeting, or tick that one thing off the to-do list.

Food & Restaurants

We feel it’s one of our responsibilities to ensure you can keep your energy levels high during the event. Tasty food and non-alcoholic refreshments will be available throughout the two days on our bill.

  • Welcome to a Finnish Taste Tour Autumn is the harvesting season in Finland, which gives us the perfect opportunity to provide you with local delicacies made of fresh ingredients. You’ll find cuisine made of Finnish vendace, beans, roots, berries, and many other local ingredients from the menus. At lunch on the second day, you’ll also find the Nordic Business Forum classic: moose stew.
  • Local and Sustainable Ingredients We want to emphasize local ingredients, so we aim to serve things that grow in Finland. Naturally, drinks such as coffee, tea, and some spices are pretty much impossible to find in the North. But most of the things you’ll find on your plate are from Finland. We prefer sustainable options such as vegetarian food, game meat, or wild fish. Additionally, there is always a vegan option available at all buffets.
  • Finnish Food Culture Finnish culinary culture lies within heritages: old traditions are valued, but we are also interested in new experiences. In the deep North, our cuisine has traditionally been simple and nutritious. Lately, influences from all over the world have shaped our traditions and made the culinary culture in Finland more colorful and sophisticated. Nowadays, we value both simplicity and novelty.
  • Food Trucks At the event, you will find several food trucks serving local street food. Make sure to experience them as well!

Experience Helsinki's Food Scene

To make the most of your time in Helsinki, we have handpicked a list of popular local restaurants for you to explore. Find hidden gems and indulge your senses on an unforgettable culinary journey. Bon appétit and happy exploring!

Evening Programs

  • VIP Evening On 27 September, all VIP and First Class guests are invited to our VIP evening to enjoy food and drinks on our bill at the networking area. A great opportunity to mingle with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Afterparty If you would still like to continue mingling after the VIP evening, there will be an afterparty. Details to be confirmed.

VIP & First Class Extras

  • VIP Sessions During the event, VIP and First Class customers can enjoy two extra content sessions on the main stage with Patrick Lencioni (27 September) and Francesca Gino (28 September). More from the agenda page.

  • Q&A Sessions All First Class attendees are welcome to join our Q&A sessions with Patrick Lencioni, Amy Webb, Rebecca Henderson, and Jos de Blok. They will take place at the First Class Lounge.
  • First Class Lounge & Catering The First Class attendees are welcome to relax at the First Class Lounge. In the Lounge, you will get the chance to network in a quiet atmosphere and enjoy our First Class Catering.
  • First Class Shuttle First Class attendees can enjoy a ride from their accommodation to the venue (Helsinki area only). The shuttle service is, of course, free-of-charge and provided by our partner Polestar. For more information and booking, contact us.
  • Upgrade your ticket Interested in these extras? Upgrade your ticket today! Get in touch with our customer care to make the most of your NBF experience.

Accessibility & Interpretation

All areas of the event venue are accessible with a wheelchair.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation

    Professional interpreters from Delingua Language Services offer translations of the main stage presentations into Finnish and Estonian.

    Event guests can access the simultaneous interpretation service for free with the “Interprefy” app. You can download it from Google Play store or Apple App store. Closer to the event, we will provide you with a token code to access the interpretation.

  • Parking The lowest P1 level of the car park near the northern entrance has 20 parking spaces marked for the disabled (vehicles with disabled parking permit signs). For free-of-charge usage, the users of disabled parking must declare their vehicle registration plate number at our customer service desks. Also, the hotel parking area is free of charge for disabled persons during the events.
  • Entrances and getting around Taxis are allowed to drive right up to the entrances. All entrances and premises at Messukeskus provide easy access and all floors can be accessed by a lift.

    If you would like to borrow a wheelchair during the event, please contact us in advance.
  • Wheelchair spots at the seminar hall We have dedicated spots for wheelchairs in the seminar hall. Please contact our staff (in the signature orange bow ties and scarves) and we’ll guide you to those spots.
  • Physical Assistance If you require physical or personal assistance or will be attending the event with a caretaker (who will still require a separate ticket), please contact us in advance so we can tailor a solution to your specific needs. Guide and assistance dogs are welcome at Nordic Business Forum.
  • Toilets All the floors at Messukeskus have easy-access toilets. Our staff (in the signature orange bow ties and scarves) are happy to point you in the direction of the closest toilets.

    For more information, please contact us or visit the frequently asked questions (FAQ) by Messukeskus.
  • Hearing Impaired At the main seminar hall we have a specific seating row where we have an audio loop (inductive) prepared. Our staff (in the signature orange bow ties and scarves) are happy to help you find the correct seats.

Safety at the Event

  • Health Measures

    As thousands of people are joining us at the event, we want to do our best to ensure everyone stays safe. We encourage you to stay home if you are ill during the event days. If you cannot attend the event live due to illness, you can easily transfer your ticket to a colleague or join us remotely via live stream.

    We also want to encourage practicing good hygiene at the event. We have hand sanitizer easily available and plenty of bathrooms for washing your hands.

  • First Aid First Aid by Finnish Red Cross is on duty the entire time during the event. You can find them from the First Aid point or through any member of our staff. You may also call them directly at +358 40 450 3237. The emergency phone number in Finland is 112.
  • ID and Tickets Please remember to carry your ID with you throughout the event. Also, you should always only use your own event badge. 
  • Code of Conduct All event guests, speakers, partners, and staff are required to uphold our code of conduct as we want everyone to be able to join the event in a friendly and safe environment. We prohibit discrimination of any kind and harassment, bullying, or disrespectful behavior in any form will not be tolerated. Any infractions or violations of this code will lead to immediate expulsion from the event without a refund.
  • Security We have dedicated security staff at the event at all times. Additionally, be prepared for a security check prior to entering the networking area. Furthermore, our staff is there to help you with anything!

How to Continue Learning after the Event?

Getting inspired and learning something new is only the first step. After the event, it’s up to you to turn those insights into action. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to dive back into all the ideas and learnings after the event. Therefore, we provide a few different ways for you to do so:

  • On-demand videos If you miss a part of a keynote during the event—worry not! You can enjoy the recordings of each session for 90 days after the event. Multiple keynotes over the course of two days can be an intensive experience. So, we highly recommend you to use the opportunity to go back to the sessions one by one after the event to optimize your learning.
  • Executive Summaries We will make written summaries from all the main stage sessions and produce a thorough Executive Summary from these pieces. Additionally, we will prepare short videos that allow you to go back to the key insights of each presentation quickly. We will also provide you with summary slides about the main points from each session. Lastly, Linda Saukko-Rauta will draw visual summaries of each presentation, which we will also send to you after the event. You can download all the previous summaries from here!
  • Social Media Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to get short and long-form business insights weekly. This way, you’ll see quotes, blogs, videos, and more to keep you inspired all year long.

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