Practical Travel Information to Estonian Customers

27 - 28 September 2023, Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland

This year, we have partnered up with Tallink again to bring you a special travel package!

Please find the details below, and contact us in case of any questions or concerns.

Traveling between Tallinn and Helsinki

The Tallink travel package includes a ferry ride and a meal on the ferry. You don’t need to separately book a meal when making the reservations, as those are automatically included when using the booking code provided below. The entire buffet area will be reserved for Nordic Business Forum guests, which gives you an excellent opportunity to network with other attendees while having your meal.

Departures and prices:

  • One-way: Tallinn – Helsinki, 27 September at 7:30 = 48€ + fuel surcharge per person
  • One-way: Helsinki – Tallinn, 28 September at 19:30 = 59€ + fuel surcharge per person
  • Return (both trips included): 107€ + fuel surcharge per person

The seats in buffet are limited to 434, and the package is on sale while seats are still available.

To book your package, use the Tallink booking system and the booking code:

(Note: The package is not available for travel agencies.)

If the package is fully booked, we recommend the following alternatives with the same booking code:

  • Business Lounge : Return 198€ + fuel surcharge  / One-way 94€ + fuel surcharge
  • Comfort Lounge : Return 118€ + fuel surcharge / = One-way 54€ + fuel surcharge

The lounge capacities depend on the ship and the direction. Read more about the Megastar lounges and MyStar lounges.

Traveling between the Harbor and Messukeskus

We will have transfer buses taking you from the harbour in Helsinki to Messukeskus on the first event day and back to the harbour again after the event ends.


Arrival on 27th of September: The ferry arrives at 9.30, so the buses start leaving at 9.45 as they fill up.

Departure on 28st of September: The event ends at 17.30 (including networking time), which gives enough time for buses to arrive to the harbor by 19.00. The buses leave from the northern parking space (the exact spot where the arrival was on the previous day).

A few things that you should take into consideration:

  • We have customer service people guiding you to the right place.
  • We highly recommend all VIP guests to be on the earlier bus, so that you will make it in time for the start of the VIP program.
  • The buses go directly to the event venue. This means that there will be no stops at the hotels as they will not be ready for check-in on the time of your arrival.
  • The cloakrooms at the venue will keep your luggage safe, so no need to worry about that!

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