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The vision may not be 20/20 but here’s one look at 2020

According to the calculations carried out by i.e. Handelsbanken, when it comes to the global stock market, 2019 was a year of great success. Even with a bit blurred vision, dangerously heating commercial war and the Brexit kind of uncertainties, the global stock index rampaged up, showing a good 30 per cent profit at the turn of the year.

This should provide a flying start for 2020, but as usual, the only perfect vision is the hindsight.

The soup has many ingredients, and with the amount of cooks rise the opinions about what actually belongs in and how much of an impact should each element carry.

The recipe created by Marc Emmer, a Forbes Councils Member, lists these twelve as the main business trends for 2020:

  1. Consumer spending – with low interest rates and improving real estate business in the U.S., people will spend more.
  2. Streaming wars – the average consumer is expected to sign up for 3 to 5 streaming services. Which provider will get which customers?
  3. Tech under attack – at least Wall Street is watching the tech stock market with an exceptionally keen eye. Europe is likely to follow.
  4. Continuing tariffs – with the U.S. and China still locking horns, global trade is suffering. Even if positive decisions are made, bringing them into action will take years.
  5. AI as a weapon against hacks – especially in the fight against cybercrime, AI will become close to a necessity for companies of all sizes.
  6. Battle of the cloud titans – the value of cloud platform market keeps on rising, and the fight for the biggest slice heats up. If this becomes a bidding war, the cake might shrink.
  7. #MeToo and its consequences – sexual harassment charges have been increasing at an alarming rate, and the time has come for the companies to actually pay.
  8. People in space – the quest for private space travel advances; it might not reach reality quite this year, but if you are up to it, better get into the line.
  9. The almighty IPOs – the valuations are rising and companies such as Airbnb are expected to give in to the lure of going public.
  10. Businesses and social change – with the increasing awareness of responsibility, companies continue the seek for their ultimate purpose.
  11. Latin America – with the Venezuelan hyperinflation, U.S. aluminum tariffs on Brazil and Argentina etc., this might be the new beginning.
  12. Europe – Brexit, slowing production (Germany), strikes (France), negative interest rates and such, there just is no knowing how it will all turn out.

The actual outcome is still hazy to say the least, but there seems to be no doubt about the business year 2020 turning out to be a great show. Twisted plots with unexpected turns will distract the participants, impress the critics and take the viewers by surprise. Grab the popcorn, sit back, and enjoy!


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