Are You Living up to Your Full Potential?

Aiming at Excellence in Customer Service – This is the second part of the blog series in which we explore what kind of people do the world’s best customer service.

All human beings are born as entrepreneurs” is a famous quote by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the founder of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. This quote doesn’t necessarily mean that we should all become entrepreneurs as company owners. Instead, one can look at it from another perspective. What we believe is that every individual has the potential to work like an entrepreneur when they embrace the entrepreneurial mindset. And what is that entrepreneurial mindset then exactly?

Let’s start with a story of Nick Vujicic. We usually share Nick’s story in our Inspiration for two visits to schools, when we want to inspire young people to reach their full potential. In brief, Nick was born with a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. At the age of seventeen he finally came to terms with his disability. That’s when he started Life Without Limbs, his own non-profit organization. Today Nick does motivational presentations worldwide, setting example of how to find meaning in life.

Nick’s story is truly amazing and it shows how anyone should make the most of what they’ve got. This is also part of the entrepreneurial mindset. People who embrace their inner entrepreneurs take responsibility of their lives. These people do things with passion and devotion, and they have realized their role in the bigger picture. If you think about organizations, even the smallest things matter, and if there are no responsible people taking care of the smallest things, it will have an effect on the bigger things. Watch Nick’s story below.

Another way to look at entrepreneurial mindset is to compare individuals to companies. This is what we usually call the “I Ltd” (in Finnish “Minä Oy”). The “I Ltd” is something we all have, it is your own company of which you are in charge of and which you should develop and take care of. The “I Ltd” has all the elements a regular company has, there’s marketing, sales, human resources, finance department, networks, research and development etc.

We all for example market ourselves the way we dress. We also do a lot of sales by selling our thoughts, ideas, skills and knowledge to others. In company’s human resources it’s important to take care of the people and their well-being and also make sure people enjoy their job. This is also important on a personal level, so you should find something you love to do and enjoy doing and also take care of yourself.

In this sense, we are all in fact entrepreneurs and we all have a company to manage. Through our lives we build and develop our little companies. The mission of every “I Ltd” is to be the very best version of yourself. People with entrepreneurial mindset are eager to develop themselves and to live up to this mission. They take responsibility and see every opportunity as a possibility to learn something new.

It’s important to keep in mind that every one of us has the “I Ltd” and the potential to be entrepreneurial. The key is to know how to find the things that inspire you to work in an entrepreneurial way, and for companies the key is to find how to bring out and encourage the entrepreneurial mindset and way of doing things among people. And when you get these kinds of entrepreneurial people in your team, they can take your company and the customer service to a whole new level. In the next post of this blog series we will concentrate on how to make the world’s best team out of these sorts of people, so until next time!


Meet our customer service managers!

We have divided our customer service at NBForum2014 into six different departments. In each blog we introduce one of the departments and its managers. Here’s the second introduction!


Eetu Välimaa

Seminar hall services:

  • includes 30 customer service people
  • helps with seating arrangements and guides people to their seats
  • is responsible for the customer service in the seminar hall both in Seating Section 1 and 2 and in the stage area
  • the department managers are Eetu Välimaa and Viivi Rasku
Viivi Rasku

Viivi Rasku

“We want to provide the best customer service to our outstanding customers. We are extremely excited about the event and we looked forward to seeing you in October!” say Eetu & Viivi.

Photos of the customer service managers by Jesse Kämäräinen.


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