Avinash Kaushik – See, Think, Do, Care: Driving Innovation from Customer Intent

Marketers ought to focus on data analytics to understand intent. How people behave is “different to what they say with their mouths.” Behaviors, such as search queries and content choices, help us understand how to respond to the intent of customers in a valuable way. We “see thousands of ads on TV every day”, but not all work. There is no “real way to track how effective TV ads are,” Kaushik pointed out. A Google search, on the other hand, signals intent, and ads respond accordingly. To avoid “poorly targeted ads”, Kaushik created an “intent-centric framework” built around four clusters of intent to guide marketing choices. — About Avinash Kaushik Avinash Kaushik is an Indian entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. In his writing and speaking, Kaushik has championed the principle of aggregation of marginal gains and encouraged the pursuit of simplifying perceived complexity in the field of data analytics #nbforum #nordicbusinessforum #nbf


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