Vijay Govindarajan – Innovation Mindset – Nordic Business Forum

Professor Vijay Govindarajan visited Nordic Business Forum 2013 and two speeches: one on 3 Box Thinking and the other one on Reverse Innovation. This clip is a part of the speech on Reverse Innovation. You can also find a written summary of the keynote at


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Seth Godin – Leadership vs. Management – What it means to make a difference

The world-renowned marketing and leadership author Seth Godin talks about the difference between leadership and management, the confusion surrounding them, and why the world needs more leaders. Key Points: • Management works well in terms of increasing economic efficiency and […]


Culture as a Strategy for Growth by Annicken Day (Webinar Summary)

On 26 August, our webinar series featured Annicken Day, the founder, CEO, and culture strategist at Corporate Spring. Together with Oslo Business Forum and Dfind, we sat down to discuss the topic of cultivating organizational culture to a strategy for […]