Don’t Go Unprepared to a Business Event

One customer once told me that they have always enjoyed participating in business events and conferences, but after the buzz wears off, they often realize they can’t really tell what it exactly is they got out of the event. Asked why he thinks that happens, he told me that it may well be the lack of preparation – people don’t think why they are attending the event in the first place.

It doesn’t matter how great the event is – you may well be left standing empty-handed if you don’t know what you’re there for. So, don’t make this same mistake. Remember to prepare. Here are three simple steps that help you make the most out of your next event!

Expect the unexpected

You must have some expectations for the event. Perhaps you’re looking forward to spending time with your colleagues or customers, meeting new people and finding new prospects or seeing your favorite speaker.

Whatever the expectations are, it’s good to keep them as your guideline during the event. Your expectations help you focus on what you really want to get out of the event.

Prepare your mind for what you are going to learn

By studying the event and the subject you are already preparing your mind to learn and the things you are going to learn.

Start by getting to know the speakers. It’s easier to listen to the person if you know where she’s coming from. You don’t need to read their whole bibliography, but make sure to check out at least their profiles on the event organizer’s website.

Another great way to prepare your mind for what is coming is to follow and participate in the discussion in social media. With many events, there’s a lot going on in social media already before the event. See what is happening, what people are talking about and join in. You can also find out who else is attending the event and get to know them beforehand. So why not start networking already before the event?

Focus on your current challenges

Is there a question you are currently struggling with and wouldn’t mind having help in solving it? List the question or the issues you are currently working with and bring them with you to the event. They can be decisions you need to make or challenges you are facing – basically anything you are seeking an answer for. At the event, focus on finding answers or guidance to solve your questions. This makes it easy to evaluate whether the event was worth attending.

As you see, preparation doesn’t need to take hours of work. But it’s still good to prepare, even just a little bit. So before your next event, take a few minutes to think about your expectations and to learn more about the event. You may be surprised what a difference it makes to go prepared. If you have any tips of your own on how to prepare for a business event, please feel free to share them on the comments below.


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