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Event App – Your Go-to Guide to #NBFSweden

One of the essential tools for you during Nordic Business Forum Sweden is the official event app. First of all, you have access to loads of useful information about the event on the move. Besides it provides a channel to discuss with other attendees, an opportunity to ask questions from the speakers and a quick way to give feedback. Here we’ll give you instructions on the essential features of the app.

Downloading the App

Downloading the app is very simple. The app is available on iOS, Android mobile devices and also for Windows users. Search with “Nordic Business Forum”*. You just have to log in the app with your email and use your LinkedIn account to fill out your profile. You only need an email address to login, so no password is needed. Once you have logged in, there’s no need to log in again.

OOPS! In case you accidentally log out from the app, the next time you log in you have to give a password. If this happens, just press ‘Reset Password’ and you will receive a link in your email to create a password. Then log in again with the password you selected.

*NOTE! In the App Store there is also the NBForum2016 VR app, which is for the Live Stream viewers. Thus, when downloading the app from the beginning, make sure you download the Nordic Business Forum main app, which hosts NBForum events!

If you attended NBForum2016 in Helsinki in October and have downloaded the app already, getting to the NBFSweden event app will be very simple for you. Just log in to your NBForum app and scroll down the menu to ‘Switch Event / Logout’. By pressing the ‘Switch event’ option, you will find the NBFSweden event by and choosing that you will be automatically logged in. When logging into the new event, you have to connect with your LinkedIn account again.

switch     switch2

Discussing with other event guests

The activity feed is the first page to appear when you open the event app. This is the place where you can share your thoughts and discuss with other attendees and viewers.

Simply click the small square with a pen on the upper right corner and start sharing. You can simultaneously share your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn when posting on the activity feed. Just press the icon of the social media platform before you post. Especially when sharing to Twitter, remember to include the correct hashtag to your post: #NBFSweden.

activityfeed     sharing2

New Feature – Direct Messaging

Due to multiple requests from NBForum2016 event guests, we have added a new feature to our app. It is now possible for you to also send direct messages to other event guests.

You can find the messages sent to you in the ‘Messages’ tab. To send someone a direct message, you can click the plus icon in the upper right corner in the same tab and search the person you want to send a direct message. When you’ve found the right person, just start typing and send!

messaging     messaging3

You can allow or deny direct messaging in your settings. Go to your own profile and click the upper right corner to change your settings. If you want to take advantage of this feature, make sure that the ‘Allow Direct Messaging’ option is on.

settings2     messaging2

Asking questions

At NBFSweden questions will be asked through the event app. Before 2016 you were able to ask questions from speakers during their speeches through Twitter, but this is not the case anymore. All questions will be asked through the app, meaning that questions asked in Twitter will NOT be notified.

The ask question feature is available in those sessions in which the speaker has a Q&A part in the speech. You can submit your own questions or vote for questions other people submitted.

Giving feedback

Every year we kindly request our guests to give us feedback in order to improve and develop the event. As we wish to move away from the paper feedback forms, we will collect feedback in a digital form through the app. We will for example, ask you to grade each speaker after each speech and grades from the overall experience after the event.

Thus, in case you have any ideas, thoughts or concerns, we kindly ask you to give them through the app. Please do so, we highly appreciate your feedback!

Now, just download the app and get ready!


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Blog Nordic Business Forum Sweden 2017 Past Events

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