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Two weeks have passed since NBForum 2017 and we are constantly amazed by how much buzz the event is still generating. Dozens of blogs, videos, and posts have been (and continue to be) shared— and we can’t thank you enough! Every takeaway, reflection, and opinion piece can serve as effective learning tools for other attendees and viewers.

We have compiled a list of posts — this is a post of posts if you will — that analyze our speakers’ presentations and share key takeaways from the event. If you notice something missing from our list, please let us know!

In English:

In Finnish:

P.S. We noticed that a lot of you are writing in Finnish — and that’s great! However, we think you are missing out on a keen English audience for your fantastic posts! Since our event is growing to international proportions, we suggest that you write in English to be able to reach a bigger audience!! Try it out for next year and see if you notice a difference 🙂

P.P.S. If you wrote about your experience at NBForum 2017 and shared any improvements suggestions… Worry not, we have read your ideas and are taking note of your feedback! We want to hear all about your experience, the good and the bad, so we can really do our best to make your time with us even better next year!


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Patrick Lencioni, Laszlo Varro & Nick Vujicic at the Business Insider Nordic Live Studio

Business Insider Nordic Live Studio with Pep Rosenfeld at Nordic Business Forum 2017.

Newsroom Videos

THE FIRST DAY – Nordic Business Forum 2017

Day 1 of Nordic Business Forum 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. On October 2.-3., over 7,500 CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs gathered under one roof for two days at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Center. Here are the highlights from DAY 1. […]