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Aiming at Excellence in Customer ServiceThis is a fourth part of a blog series in which we explore how to achieve the world’s best customer service.

When considering the employee experience from a leader’s perspective, one great advice that comes to mind is from last year’s Nordic Business Forum 2013 when Jack Welch said “It’s about growing your people, not you. You grow from the reflected glory of your people“. This is also what we highly believe in. It’s the people that matter and when they succeed, it also reflects on the company.

It’s about growing your people, not you. You grow from the reflected glory of your people.” – Jack Welch

We also strongly believe that if the employee experience is great, it will also reflect on the customer experience. That’s why we want to give our employees the same frictionless energetic experience we aim to give to our customers at our events. Here are some simple things we have found useful when creating the frictionless energetic experience for our staff.


Make yourself available – As a team leader, you are responsible of how your team does. They need you to help them succeed. So make yourself available. Also make time to just catch up with your team, how they are doing and how things are going.

Know what you’re doing – You need to have the vision and set of goals that inspire you and through that you’re able to inspire your team. You need to know what to do to be able to lead effectively.


Encourage learning – Encourage your people to learn and develop themselves. That’s where they get their motivation. Support their learning and give the team members opportunities to learn from each other.

Have fun – Don’t forget to have fun. Be energetic, this will also reflect on your team. To have high energy rates, remember to also take care of yourself.

Reward and give recognition of good performance – Remember to give recognition to your team members when they succeed. Reward them and make them feel proud of their success.


Know your team members – It’s very important that you know who you work with. So get to know your team members. Start by learning their names. To be able to deliver the experience you need to know your people.

Create a culture of teamwork – Create and build a culture of teamwork with common goals and values. Remember that the feeling is also important. So how would you want your team members to feel about the team? Are they proud of being part of the team? Also remember to encourage the team members to help each to reach the goals. It’s the team that matters after all.

These above tips are very simple, but still effective in building great teams. The leader’s role for the main part is to create circumstances which help the team to succeed. The ultimate goal for a team leader is to make people flourish.

The fifth and the last blog post of the series will concentrate on the main theme of Nordic Business Forum 2014, that is, Forward.


Meet our customer service managers!

We have divided our customer service at NBForum2014 into six different departments. Here’s an introduction to Host Services.

Katri Sainio and Eetu Parkkisenniemi

Katri Sainio and Eetu Parkkisenniemi

Host services:

  • the biggest company groups have their own host person at the seminar
  • the host person is there to help the company throughout the seminar
  • there are over 40 hosts working at the seminar
  • the department managers: Katri Sainio and Eetu Parkkisenniemi

We want to provide the best customer service for the best customers. We are looking forward to the event with you!” say Katri and Eetu.

Photo of the customer service managers by Jesse Kämäräinen.


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