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Leader’s Digest | November Part 2

Top Content Picks 💡 Alex Osterwalder rethinks innovation: how to turn your activities into impactful results? 📈 94% of CEOs believe that their company is not good enough at innovating. Put innovation at the heart of your organization today. 💥 […]

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Leader’s Digest | November Part 1

Learning | Top Content Picks 💡  “If failure is not an option, then neither is success,” says Seth Godin. Dive deeper into this and 9 other innovation quotes to boost your innovation processes and culture. 🌏  At our webinar last […]

10 powerful innovation quotes from NBF speakers

10 Powerful Quotes to Boost Your Innovation

You know it: you need to innovate to keep your organization alive. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure to host the world’s top experts on innovation. Many of them argue that leaders and companies still have a lot of […]

Carla Harris, the managing director at Morgan Stanley

Carla Harris – Leadership Beyond the Crisis

Carla Harris, is the Vice Chairman, Managing Director, and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, and the author of Strategize to Win and Expect to Win. At our online event in September 2020, she listed 8 things that should be […]

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Leader’s Digest | October 2021

Learning | Top Content Picks 🌍  IMD professor Stéphane Garelli says that economic recovery is on the horizon and to ensure recovery and sustain competitiveness “we need ideas, not numbers.” 💶  There are stupid and smart investors—or are there? Myth-busting […]