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Leader’s Digest | April

In this Leader’s Digest newsletter, we learn about different ways to develop the innovation skills of organizations. Top Content Picks 💡 We got a chance to interview Jos de Blok, the founder and CEO of Buurtzorg, on how to create […]

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6 Innovation Insights From Our Speakers

Innovation is always important, but it is especially important in today’s rapidly changing world. Innovation is the key for companies to adapt to change and overcome the challenges it brings. To increase the chances of your organization surviving and even […]

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Leader’s Digest | April 2023

In April’s first Leader’s Digest we take a look at some of our top content picks from last month, and dive deep into the topic of innovation. What is innovation, really? What happens in the brain when we innovate? How […]

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Leader’s Digest | March

In this Leader’s Digest newsletter, we dive into the latest leadership insight, such as how leaders could leverage AI to gain a competitive advantage. We also have some great content picks, such as an interview with Patrick Lencioni and an […]