Preparing for a Business Seminar

web-010-SiefenHansPeterDSC0458mI attended my first business seminar in May 2003, when I was just starting as an entrepreneur. It was training on sales and goal setting.

The experience was completely new to me. I had never listened to a seminar or a lecture of any kind on sales or goal setting. These are both topics that they don’t teach you at school.

Soon it became a dream for me to someday have a business of some kind in the business training industry. That’s how inspiring the experience was for me. I didn’t know how it would happen, but I wrote the dream on a piece of paper.

The best things that I’ve gotten out of different business seminars are new ideas and networks, and I’ve also learned a lot. From a good seminar I usually bring home one to three strong ideas which we can put into practice in our business – plus many valuable contacts.

During the years, we have noticed that it is usually not very easy to implement the things learned at a seminar into practice. The amount of people who are not taking notes at different seminars is huge. That is wasting your money and your time my friend. This is why we wanted to interview three different people, whom we have noticed to be exceptional note-takers. In this video, they will share their ideas with you on how they:

  1. Prepare for a seminar,
  2. Make notes, and
  3. How they make sure that they will be able to apply the things learned to practice.

We hope you’ll find the video useful.


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