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Message from the Board of Directors

Nordic Business Forum’s Board of Directors has addressed the recent commotion surrounding the comments made by the new CEO Aslak de Silva. The comments made by de Silva do not represent the company’s values and sense of responsibility.

The board judges it to be inconsiderate from the new CEO to handle his personal issues this way because he still represents Nordic Business Forum publicly.

Nordic Business Forum does not accept nor support any special treatment. The company will always act according to the laws and regulations and promises to support and promote equality.

The board also adds that the CEO does not have the authority to make decisions regarding moving the company headquarters. Only the board can make that call and the board has no such intentions in mind.

The board has taken the matter seriously and has discussed the issue in length with the new CEO.

After the board’s full consideration, the CEO still has the trust and support of the board to run the company.

On behalf of the board of directors,
Petteri Kilpinen, Chairman of the Board