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1676 tickets already reserved for the 2012 Nordic Business Forum!

Nordic Business Forum 2012, starring Sir Richard Branson, is gathering momentum among top executives, entrepreneurs and key players of various organizations at a historical pace. Already there 1676 tickets have been reserved for next seminar in September. This time last year around 1050 tickets had been sold for the seminar of 2011, starring among others the former Vice-President of the United States, Al Gore. Especially the tickets including VIP service have been surprisingly popular. All of the 400 VIP-tickets have been sold already.

The main theme in the seminar is GROWTH. The sub-themes of growth are profitable growth, personal growth and the wellbeing of the whole society. For each theme the seminar has star speakers from Finland (among others, Matti AlahuhtaEsa SaarinenJari SarasvuoPeter VesterbackaAnne BernerTaneli TikkaMika Anttonen) as well as the very best international experts of their fields.

The main international speakers of the seminar are professor  Hans Rosling, writer and corporate trainer Brian Tracy, the former speechwriter of Al Gore and one of the most sought-after business consultants Daniel Pink and the founder of Virgin Group, entrepreneur legend Sir Richard Branson.

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The second price (480€ / 1 day, 590€ / 2 days) of the progressive pricing plan will expire on the 29th of February. You have the option to reserve your tickets at the present price, and choose to be billed later this year or in three installments. If you want to reserve tickets for the seminar, or update your order of tickets, you can still do it at the present price.

– ask for further information by phone at +358 20 775 1390 or by email at


Summary video of the 2011 Nordic Business Forum.


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