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Already over 2000 attendees registered to the Nordic Business Forum 2012 – new seminar hall layout allows 2300 attendees

Already 2038 seats have been reserved for the Nordic Business Forum 2012 (updated on 18th of March). We designed all new plan drawing for the seminar hall with the Congress Center last week. The new layout plan is more impressive and allows magnification from 2000 attendees to 2300 attendees. That means that we have now 262 tickets left for the seminar.

In the new seminar hall the front end of the main stage will be curved so that the speaker can easily speak to the whole audience including those who are sitting in the sides of the seminar hall. Also the catwalk has been redesigned. There will be a circle 6 meters in diameter in the front end of the 8 meters long catwalk that allows speakers to move inside the audience and also interviews to be held in that circle nearby the audience. The catwalk will be lower than the main stage so that it will not block the sight to the higher main stage.

In addition to the impressive stage construction there will be widescreen displays and high class sound reproduction with delay lines in the seminar to sure the perfect seminar experience. Also the appearance of the seminar hall has been improved with great new ideas. The picture below demonstrates the new floor drawing of the seminar hall.

Seminaarisalin pohjakartta



We are glad to publish one of the last three speakers of the Nordic Business Forum 2012. The panel discussion will be moderated by last year’s Ernst & Young’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year- awarded, CEO of GTW group and partner of Boardman Oy Mika Mäkeläinen. The main theme of the panel discussion will be how to build up a succesfully growing business. The panel will comprise of true builders of growing businesses: Peter Vesterbacka (Rovio Mobile), Mika Anttonen (founder of St1), Anne Berner (CEO of Vallila Interior) and Taneli Tikka (serial entrepreneur).



Preliminary seminar agenda is available on the website of the seminar. Some changes are still possible and as said above some little supplements are still to come.

See the seminar agenda / schedule here »


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